10 Week Rule Lyrics – Wilbur Soot

10 Week Rule Lyrics – Wilbur Soot Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Wilbur Soot. The Music Track Was Released Date :December 1, 2023.

[Intro: Wilbur Soot]
Woah, woah

[Explanation of Intro]
The “Woah, woah” in the intro sets a contemplative and somewhat melancholic tone, preparing the listener for the introspective content of the song.

[Verse 1: Wilbur Soot]
Tell me what happened
Did the love lust leave your life?
Did you start thinking ways to fill the void
Replaced with endless scrolling spite
And if you look out the window
Do you see the big wider world?
Or is it just another tissue paper
Fragile painting of the Earth?

[Explanation of Verse 1]
In the first verse, Wilbur Soot asks about a change in someone’s life, likely addressing a loss of love or passion. He questions whether the person has started seeking distractions, possibly through endless scrolling on digital devices, as a way to cope with the void left by the absence of love. The mention of looking out the window and seeing the “tissue paper fragile painting of the Earth” suggests a sense of fragility or disillusionment with the world.

[Chorus: Wilbur Soot]
I’m gonna get an abortion
I’m gonna lose my mind
In about 10 weeks from now
You’ll forget me

[Explanation of Chorus]
The chorus is a powerful and somewhat jarring statement. Wilbur Soot expresses a desire to “get an abortion,” which can be interpreted metaphorically as wanting to abort or end something in his life, perhaps a situation or emotional burden. The mention of losing his mind and the timeframe of “10 weeks from now” adds a sense of urgency and impending change. The line “You’ll forget me” suggests a fear of being forgotten or left behind.

[Verse 2: Wilbur Soot]
Tell me, how you’re doing
Was it a casual oversight?
That led you to point your figure
You were put here just to die
Waiting for the firing squad
You’re quaking at the knees
Praying to any god who’ll listen
You gеt your vitamin D, oh

[Explanation of Verse 2]
The second verse continues the theme of checking in on someone’s well-being. There’s a reference to a casual oversight that led to pointing fingers, possibly indicating a misunderstanding or conflict. The mention of waiting for the firing squad and praying for vitamin D adds a layer of despair or hopelessness to the narrative.

[Chorus: Wilbur Soot]
I’m gonna get an abortion
I’m gonna lose my mind
In about 10 weeks from now
It will all be finе

[Explanation of Chorus]
The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the themes of wanting to end or change something in the narrator’s life. The reiteration emphasizes the emotional weight of the communication.

[Outro: Wilbur Soot]

[Explanation of Outro]
The outro, a simple “Okay,” leaves the listener with a sense of finality or acceptance. It may suggest a resignation to the circumstances or a recognition that the decision has been made.

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