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Away in a Manger Lyrics – Christmas Songs  Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube while the lyrics are written by Traditional.The music track was released Date :December 24, 1912.

Away in a Manger is a cherished Christmas carol that has graced holiday celebrations for over a century. With lyrics attributed to an anonymous traditional writer and music often credited to James R. Murray, this timeless hymn narrates the serene nativity scene, depicting the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Released as a music track on December 24, 1912, the carol’s enduring popularity lies in its gentle melody, evocative lyrics, and the comforting atmosphere it brings to festive occasions. Whether sung in churches, schools, or festive gatherings, “Away in a Manger” invites listeners to reflect on the humble yet miraculous birth of Jesus, capturing the essence of the Christmas story in a poignant and melodic embrace.

[Verse 1]
Away in a manger, no crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head
The stars in the bright sky looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay

(Explanation Of Verse 1)

The first verse paints a vivid picture of the nativity, portraying the humble surroundings where baby Jesus lies without a crib. Amidst this simplicity, the little Lord Jesus finds solace, resting His head on a bed of hay. The mention of the stars in the luminous sky accentuates the celestial aura of this moment, symbolically underscoring the profound significance of Jesus’ birth.

[Verse 2]
The cattle are lowing, the poor Baby awakes
But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes
I love Thee, Lord Jesus! Look down from the sky
And stay by my side till morning is nigh

(Explanation Of Verse 2)

In the second verse, the narrative incorporates the presence of surrounding animals, highlighting the lowing of cattle. It paints a scene where the infant Jesus awakens to these sounds, but in a distinctive and divine fashion, devoid of cries. The verse beautifully articulates the singer’s deep affection for Jesus and earnestly beseeches Him to remain a vigilant presence, safeguarding and staying with the singer until the morning light.

[Verse 3]
Be near me, Lord Jesus; I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me I pray
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care
And take us to Heaven to live with Thee there

(Explanation Of Verse 3)

The third verse unfolds as a heartfelt plea to Jesus, earnestly underscoring the yearning for His lasting presence. The singer implores Jesus to stay near indefinitely, conveying a profound desire for an enduring divine companionship. This prayerful sentiment extends beyond personal longing, blessing all children under Jesus’ tender care. The concluding lines echo a fervent hope for ultimate salvation, inviting Jesus to lead believers to Heaven for an eternal existence with Him. The verse encapsulates a profound sense of faith, trust, and a deep spiritual yearning for a lasting connection with Jesus.

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