BIG DICK RANDY 3:THE END lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by DigBar.The music track was released Date : October 31, 2023. 

Halloween, 2023, can’t believe it’s already here
Dressin’ up as a thick nigga this year and I got all of my gear
Randy gon’ try to target me when he see me in my costume
It’s a fake butt on top so if he take it it’s okay I got two
I’m hearin’ bells, Randy he can go to hell
Somebody gotta stop this big nigga so fuck it, I will
Man, I’m nervous, uh, I can’t even sit real still
It’s still daytime, and this big nigga already got six kills
It’s gettin’ dark, I get a knock at the door, look down and see a note
That shit from Randy, this nigga love leavin’ notes, I’ma read yall what he wrote
That boy said yo
“When are you coming to stop me? I’m not tryna sound cocky, but I’m takin’ booty properties feel like I’m playin’ some Monopoly! I’m havin fun, let’s go one on one, let’s meet at the park, eight o’clock, when it gets dark, then we gon’ start. And if you win, then, I’ll disappear. But, if I win, I’m takin’ that candy, and that rear! Bitch, I’m Randy! Hehuhuh, don’t forget the Big Dick! DigBar not gon’ win shit, cause he is a big bitch! My height is like 6’6, booty gettin’ ripped, ripped! I’ma take the blood out his butt and make some lipstick”
Man, Randy pissed off, man he ready, bout to take a nap real quick, wake up at like eight..

It’s the end of Randy

Ah, shit, it’s already eight o’clock, fuck, now I’m late. Fuck!

I hopped up in the whip, and then I pulled up to the spot
Feelin’ hella hard, man, I’m talkin’ bout my cock
Bout to save Halloween, cause I know y’all gettin’ stressed out
Rubber band, Randy’s booty, it gets stretched out
Then we locked eyes, he a big 6’6, big dick, thick hip, big ass rocked guy
He asked me why I’m late
“I said eight, nigga, not nine.”
Randy, he can shut the fuck up, he on my time
“I been waiting so long to do this, DigBar, you makin’ all these fuckin’ songs about me and shit, got all these people scared of me, I can’t even do what I wanna do? It’s over, nigga.”
Randy takin’ off his coat, then he grab me by my throat
Feel my booty gettin’ groped
Slidin’ fingers in my hole
Well, my first plan didn’t work, so I guess it’s time to go
And tried the plan B, he said “WHAT’S MY NAME!?”
Got me in the air danglin’ just by my damn feet!
Then he slapped that big meat
Knocker in my damn cheeks!
Now, I’m finna make sure that this nigga can not stand me
Break his grip, flip him over, then I get to penetratin’

Slappin’ all over Big Dick Randy’s booty, it’s disintegrating
I jus’ keep on clappin’ on his butt until he pass out
Layin’ there, naked on the playground with his ass out
Then I took the gun out and I aimed it at his head
I pulled that trigger back and then that nigga really dead
Happy Halloween everybody
Y’all can be safe now. Digbar

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