Had to Do It Lyrics

(MK, you like a wizard with this shit)
Loaf Boyz shit, the largest, nigga
(Lala on the beat)
I can’t name none of the gangster shit you got into
I just can’t

All these niggas I got hit up or got sent to the hospital, I had to do it
All them ‘bows I ran across the f— nigga, I had to do it
All them pussy niggas we got h— nigga, we had do it
Police think I’m buyin’ all this and that, nigga, let’s get into it
Told my nigga, “Don’t post no more switches or we gon’ be into it”
If I’m in the same room with a nigga I’m beefin’ with, I bet I—
Uh, I ain’t even gotta say the risk, nigga, I’m gettin’ straight to it
In my city, if you got some motion to whip shit, well, you better bulletproof it
Only thing gon’ fuck these windows up on this truck if you throw a grenadе through it
I’m gettin’ all my advice from Gotti, this cocaine music
Gеt my dick sucked while I’m bumpin’ Bagg, she chokin’ to Wockesha music
M’s pendin’, but if I see the wrong face, I’ma just have to do it
Shh, shh
Keep that on the hush, keep it on the hush
I’m in LA like a Charger
When I’m in Miami streets, I be ridin’ on big purple barbers
Nigga, this Loaf Boyz shit the largest
I know you’ll do it, young nigga, I know you retarded
Only thing my opps can beat me in is ridin’ dick and arguin’
Huh, two hundred and fifty in the backpack, the straps rippin’ off
He just did some shit we know he’ll do, so we gotta stretch him off
She ain’t believe my motion was comin’ like this, damn near bought the mall
I just looked to the sky like, “It feel good for Meek Mill to call me his lil’ dog”
I’ve been gettin’ this show money lately
Nigga, if I get a bitch pregnant, that’s a rich baby
But I ain’t trippin’ off that ho, been eatin’ my kids lately
I’ve been havin’ motion, nigga, ever since I was gettin’ shit from a candy lady
I don’t wanna hear ’bout your war stories, nigga, I know you retired
Nigga, I don’t wanna hear ’bout that shit if you ain’t one of my guys
Every time I hit the trenches, Fatt Fox keep a third eye
I told Jo, “You changed my life, so for you, I’d die”
Runnin’ my racks up, I’m in my bag like the last chicken fry
Before I was a Fox, I told myself, “Nigga, I’ma do or die”
Before I was a Fox, nigga, I was on Fox, then a fuckin’ Fox
Before you came out your Mama stomach, she knew you was a fuckin’ cock
These niggas got some nerves
You ain’t never had the feelin’ when model bitches gettin’ on your nerves
We hittin’ niggas in they nerves
Before your motion, you was a nerd
You ain’t gotta believe me, nigga, I heard
Next nigga say they hate me, I’ma fly they bitch out and change her world
I just told lil’ Fox them to have some manners with that chopper
Told a set-up bitch I’m sendin’ ’em through, make sure the top sloppy
I just heard a rumor in the city it was money on my toppy
Put that on lil’ Zay, I better not find out, nigga, I’ma top it
So whatever you got on my head, nigga, I’ma triple that
You could ask WMPD, nigga, I’m a triple threat
Every hit I sent, the play I called, nigga, it was nothin’ but net
I got rank free, when a nigga get robbed, they call me to get it back

Had to Do It Lyrics – YTB Fatt

Had to Do It

Ben Mari  prod by tony2loud.

Check Out   Had to Do It by YTB Fatt. It Is A Brand New English Song Of YTB Fatt. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    YTB Fatt. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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