How To Press A Pill Punchmade Dev lyrics

How To Press A Pill Punchmade Dev lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube while the lyrics are written by Punchmade Dev The music track was released Date October 20, 2023.

Drug use in Kentucky is on the rise, according to a new study by Millennium Health
The state ranks number one for percentage of fentanyl positive drug tests in 2019
Fentanyl use often coincides with heroin, cocaine or meth use in Kentucky, according to Millennium Health

Should I rap or should I stick to my addiction?
Should I trap or should I keep punching in credit card digits?
I’m trying to find another fiend I’m in the kitchen
I got too many options all of them come with a sinnings
I heard they said the police on my trail but I’m still living free
Long Live Heather I’m a pill legend I let her live through me
I think it’s time for me to start giving out pills for free
Here go a fake pill for you I’m keeping the real ones for me
Ill backdoor my own mans don’t be playing with me
In my trap house I got a couple fiends staying with me
It make it easier for me to make them get paper to me
I can show you how to make a mill off pills I’ll tell you for free
First you want to get a real bag of Percocet’s
Pour them on a table spread it out, see what you working with
This probably ain’t for you if you ain’t never seen or heard of it
You gon have a couple hick ups Long Live Heather she’s a murder kit
Okay, once you get the pills you need fentanyl
It’s okay if you’re running low on pills, we finna stretch them all
This the play gather up all of the pills we finna crush them all
If you’re greedy, you can triple cut the pills like me I need it all
Let me guess, you forgot to buy the pill press
Grab a piece to go punch it off amazon cause the shipping is better
Grab a good one unless you don’t care to make a new heather
I’m trying to tear a happy family down I can kill them together
Wear gloves you gotta make sure you keeping it clean
Grab the Percocet’s and fentanyl, put it in the machine, press the pill down and stamp the M get it right for the fiends
When you finish that, go to the hood but don’t start a big scene
Make sure they’re dressed up like a bum so you fit in the hood
Once you get clientele start paying fiends to make sure that it’s good
Tell them be a lookout because the police be all in the hood
Give a couple of samples out for free
They come back when it’s good, but they can’t come back when they dead
I got a strange addiction I get really excited when they dead
I don’t know where I would be at if I wasn’t selling meds
Never mind, I’d probably be somewhere scamming, laying in bed

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