Licorice by aespa 에스파

Read Licorice.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Daniel Davidsen, Peter Wallevik, Cazzi Opeia, Karen Poole & 강은정 (Kang Eun Jeong).The official Music Video Has been Release May. 27, 2024 Day And Pre
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Licorice by aespa 에스파
Licorice by aespa 에스파

[Intro: All, Karina, Giselle]
넌 정말 licorice (Uh; Woo)
Licorice (Yeah; Woo)
Licorice (Woo)
계속 맴돌아 like licorice

Explanation of Intro
The song opens with a playful chant: “You really are licorice.” Licorice, a candy with a strong, unique flavor that can be both sweet and sour, becomes a metaphor for the complex emotions surrounding the singer’s crush. The “lingering” quality of licorice foreshadows the persistent nature of these feelings.

[Verse 1: Winter, Giselle, Karina]
Really not like that
Really, really not like that (Ooh-woo)
이건 뭐랄까
정말 낯선 느낌, yeah
널 보고 있어 또 silly (Silly)
생각이 나 no kidding (Kidding)
대체, what?
괜히 그냥 짜증나 (Yeah, yeah)

Explanation of Verse 1
The singer struggles to express their confusion. They insist the situation is “not like that” and the feeling is “unfamiliar.” Looking at their crush makes them think “silly” thoughts, and they find themselves inexplicaably annoyed.

[Pre-Chorus: Ningning, Karina, Winter]
전혀 다른 type 전에 없던 stuff
예상도 못 한 사고처럼 crush (Like, like, like)
뒤를 돌아선 그 순간부터
홀린 것처럼 다시 돌아서 (다시 돌아서)

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
This new feeling is described as “a completely different type of stuff,” unexpected like an “accident” or a “crush.” They can’t stop looking back at their crush, feeling “possessed.”

[Chorus: Giselle, All, Ningning, Karina]
It tastes so sweet but sour (Yeah)
Oh, sugar and spice
처음이야 이런 (Yeah)
내 감정의 폭
넌 정말 licorice (Uh; Woo)
Licorice (Woo)
Licorice (Woo)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus delves deeper into the confusing emotions. The sweetness of attraction is mixed with the sourness of uncertainty. This “sugar and spice” combination is a first for the singer. The “breadth of emotions” is overwhelming, encapsulated in the repeated “Licorice.” There’s another short advertisement break here.

[Refrain: Winter, All, Karina, Ningning]
I wanna scream and shout (Woo)
훅 끌리는 맘
위험해도 (Uh) 좋아 (Yeah)
널 못 놓겠어
넌 정말 licorice (Licorice; Woo)
Licorice (Licorice; Woo)
Licorice (Woo)
자꾸 손이 가 like licorice (Uh, yeah)

Explanation of Refrain
The refrain expresses a strong desire to scream and shout, acknowledging the dangerous yet addictive nature of the crush. They can’t seem to let go, drawn back to this person like licorice.

[Verse 2: Ningning, Karina, Giselle, Winter]
It’s the bomb like that (Like that)
It’s the, it’s the bomb like that (Woo, woo)
한 번 터지면 (Uh)
Sticky, sticky, oh, my God (Sticky)
방심한 틈 난 hooked (Hooked)
덫에 걸려들어, all shook (Shook)
내 머릿속엔, no (No)
But say “Let’s go, let’s go, go”

Explanation of Verse 2
The crush is described as a “bomb,” powerful and explosive. Once it “detonates,” it becomes “sticky,” leaving the singer hooked and vulnerable. Despite the internal struggle (“No” in their head), they’re drawn in by the exciting chaos (“Let’s go, let’s go, go”).

[Pre-Chorus: Winter, Giselle & Ningning, Karina]
소름 돋는 thrill 뭔가 색달라
다른 건 재미없어, 시시해 (Like, like, like)
마비된 듯해 모든 감각도
어떤 자극도 오지 않는 걸

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
The pre-chorus emphasizes the thrilling yet unsettling nature of this crush. Anything else seems boring, and their usual stimulation is gone, replaced by a paralyzing fixation.

[Chorus: Ningning, All, Winter]
It tastes so sweet but sour (Nice)
Oh, sugar and spice
처음이야 (야) 이런 (이런)
내 감정의 폭 (Uh)
넌 정말 licorice (Uh; Woo)
Licorice (Woo)
Licorice (Woo)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus repeats, further highlighting the confusing mix of emotions: sweet and sour, exciting and scary. The “licorice” metaphor continues to represent the complex and irresistible nature of the crush.

[Bridge: Karina, Winter, Giselle, Ningning]
이런 내 모습 이런 내 맘이
나도 이해가 안 되지
피할 수 없어, 이건 gravity
Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
아찔한 dynamite
알지만 못 참아
어딘가, 어딘가 고장 났어
더 크게, 더 크게 번져가 (Uh, 크게 번져가)

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge showcases the singer’s internal conflict. They don’t understand their feelings yet can’t escape them. The attraction is a “dizzying dynamite,” both exciting and frustrating. Something is broken, and the feeling keeps growing.

[Refrain: Winter, All, Giselle]
I wanna scream and shout
왜인진 몰라
미묘한 듯 좋아
딱 붙어있어
넌 정말 licorice (Licorice; Woo)
Licorice (Licorice; Woo)
Licorice (Woo)
자꾸 떠올라 like licorice (Licorice)

Explanation of Refrain
The refrain returns, emphasizing the urge to express their feelings despite the uncertainty. They like this dangerous pull, and the person they’re crushing on keeps coming back to mind, just like licorice.
Licorice uses the candy’s unique flavor profile to represent the confusing and conflicting emotions of a new crush. The song portrays the mix of sweetness and sourness, excitement and fear, leaving the listener with a sense of the powerful and unpredictable nature of attraction.

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