My Story Lyrics

I know consistency is key
But it’s hard to stay consistent when you’re in the mix and consistently a G
I’m still dishin’ out them keys, so I’m sorry if you’re missin’ me on beats
Wanna know why I’m missin’? Listen to me, please
I walk around town with enough jewels to change a nigga’s life
So I gotta keep a pipe that’ll take a nigga’s life
And all them races on my bike, police chases from the racist in the night
Now, I’m with my niggas racing in Dubai
All I ever done was trap, then I changed it to the mic’
But this beef will never change, that shit’s engraved into my lifе
I lost some niggas that I love, their namеs engraved into my ice
But, wait, caught some niggas slippin’ first, I made ’em pay the price
When I was young, never thought I’d be debatin’ on a price
With my youngers, ready to go take a nigga’s life
And when they take this nigga’s life, know I’m breakin’ ’em a slice
Turn your block more smokey than Jamaican nigga’s nights
Are they racist, fam? Tryna be funny? Or tryna relate to man?
Sixty-year-old businessman, tryna fist bump me, instead of comin’ shake my hand
Like I ain’t the same as man, they judge me in the meetings before I even get to say my plan
Plus, every time I hit the booth, my nigga needs a rental car
My nigga needs some money now
My nigga needs a brick on loose
My brother’s on the road to jail, and he needs a home as well
Them man just lost a phone as well, that’s another rack to Broski’s girl
You know the crew’s fire, amount of sticks I lost I could go and fuckin’ start a huge fire
Tryna focus on business and move higher
Still gotta trip and show them who’s flyer
Stuck up on the road like a new tyre, you liar
Meanwhile, them clowns still tryna speak on my name
But between all them lames, them boys ain’t never left nothin’ for us to sleep in the rain
But really rappin’ ’bout them shootings, find it cheeky and strange
You can find me where the Ps to be made
Me and my BM started speakin’ again
I know she shed a tear, when I had to leave, it was pain
But at least you get to weep in the Range
Sometimes I don’t see my daughter for couple weeks, and it’s pain
But if I’m sittin’ there, every day, my dreams slip away
Then I’ll be broke and mummy will be actin’ more funny than she’s been when I’m paid
G Dots, it’s been a while since I’ve been to your grave
‘Cause Billy and your brother died, and it’s increasin’ my pain
I feel them streets in my veins, them streets feel it the same
Mum had me at eighteen and she was feelin’ to blame
And, mum, I’m feelin’ your pain
But my dad could’ve been there
Or a fed and Fred would’ve been just the same
Thought all I need is a chain, now all I need is a plane
Turned myself to a business, now it’s easy to say
Right now, I’m legally and illegally paid
So, I could quit rap today, look like I’m streamin’ away
So many hoes that I pipe, I don’t even know what I like
I just know they don’t love me, I need to hold me a wife
So I can settle down and focus in life
Or I’m gonna die alone in this life with just a whole load of ice
Still the scariest time is goin’ home in the night
I gotta keep my eyes so open and wide just in case they get the lo’ on my home and I didn’t know
And they tried, that’s how we got the lo’ on your bro, he had to go to the sky
Every day, this is really how it goes to survive, how it goes in this life
How I’m grown, and I still gotta go with my knife
Even when I fucking go to Dubai, I only get peace when I’m closin’ my eyes
I used to only wear designer, now I’m heavy on design
Now, when they’re askin’ what my tracky is, I’m tellin’ them, “It’s mine”
I didn’t buy it in no shop, my G, I get it from my mind
I used to sell my stock in trap houses, now I’m sellin’ it online
And, you can ask about me in Dubai, I’m quite a naughty dude
It don’t matter what year it is, ’cause every year, I pull up to them clubs and I bring them back to 1942
And every girl in my section, they get in quite a naughty mood
I got some OGs that got thrown in a slammer
But that’s how it can go when you been holdin’ a hammer
Free uncs, last time you was on road, man they didn’t have no phones with a camera
Picture that, I can’t stand that
Meanwhile, the feds still tryna take me to prison for the way that I’m livin’
They tryna blame me for killings
Go to Kick Game with warnings, try stainin’ my image
First, it was my mum’s house, now, they’re invadin’ my business
While I’m still gettin’ chased by these dirty little girls that never had a job
And think they’re worth Birkin and Chanels
Then Lil Dots hit me, said a fan’s workin’ in his jail
And if I DM him he’s due to bring some certi in a cell, yo
I sinned so much, was worthy for a Hell
But, I kept faith in God, kept workin’ and prevailed
My nigga tried to hide the hate, and once I couldn’t hide the cake
It wasn’t workin’, I could tell
That shit was hurtin’ me as well
I ain’t got no game, it’s my chain that’s does the flirtin’ with the girls
And I don’t dance, but I got Cocaine that’s twerkin’ on the scales
Everybody got a story, I just laid it more real
My story was a sad one, but I changed it for real
My story started in a small house, exchangin’ for deals
Now, the penthouse got three stories, like Jason Bourne films
From all the pain I ordeal, only way to ease this pain is by makin’ more mills and takin’ more souls
I’m bookin’ visits for Stro like I’m bookin’ visits for Blackz
I’m bookin’ visits for LD, I’m bookin’ visits for Babz
I’m havin’ meetings with designers, havin’ meetings with stylists
Sendin’ money to VD, I’m sendin’ money to Trigz
Since I got with Kick Game, everyone I know wants a couple of kicks
My jail niggas need one for their chick and then some more for their kids
So many real niggas that come on the list
How could I say, “No” to my brothers when none of them switched?
Meanwhile, I been workin’ on a couple of hits
No music, laid somethin’ down, we got another one mixed
And I got ten jibs to find out where another one lives
And then we’re comin’ equipped, but we ain’t burglin’, it’s one in your wig
Gobis mum turned in a .38, his mum was a snitch, damn
My little nigga was the son of a bitch
My credit was so good, and that’s because I come from the strip
So, before I ever bought a house, I put one on the wrist
I know them streets need Fred’s heat back
It’s like I battle with myself, it really gets me mad
‘Cause if I focus on rap, I’ll be a deadbeat dad
But, if I focus on bein’ a dad, I’ll lose the bread we had
And, if I don’t play my role on the block, then they’ll say I’m actin’ different
But, if I go back too much, then I’ll go back to prison
My life’s full of bad bitches, and bad decisions
Rap don’t last forever, now I’m tryna handle business
‘Cause I don’t focus on these businesses then when this rap finishes
I’ll be on them interviews talkin’ ’bout some flowers that I’m owed
Like, allow it, bro, you’re old
Real hustlers take all their fuckin’ flowers as they grow
I’m the type to make some flowers from the snow
Spendin’ hours at the stove
Now, they give me sixty thousand for a show
I spend a hour then I go, I spend a hour with a ho
I spend a thousand like a joke, you niggas soundin’ like your broke
How can I be a good rapper, good dad, good businessman, a good boss, a nice boyfriend, a good trapper?
I couldn’t do it all even if I had some powers and a cape
Nah, there just ain’t enough hours in a day
I got the Gempar, but they said it takes some hours on a train
I didn’t know no one, so I would go shower with my blade
Now, I’m a first-class Emirates customer
You boys ain’t never showered on a plane, I got a mountain full of ‘caine
My life’s gotten hard, now not to be soundin’ like I’m vain
When the price of a Lamborghini car is soundin’ like a chain
Me and nobody in London is soundin’ like the same
I never jumped on no one’s wave, fam, they found me in my lane
Now niggas mad at me they’re broke, fam that’s soundin’ like the blame
Now, you’re soundin’ like a lame
No one ever gave me nothin’, fam, I found it on a train
Yeah, you thought that he was gutter, so they found him by the drain, surrounded by the grain
You know, they found it in his brain, and bullets in his chest
The streets know we passed, every time we’re put on to the test
Don’t invest in no guns, go and put it in a vest
Snatch a body from his breath, now we’re lookin’ for the next
Since 2020 in West, we put it in the best
Three bodies, now we’re up to like six AMs
But, we ain’t lookin’ for a rest, catch him slippin’ when he’s lookin’ for his breakfast
I had half a million in chains when shhh slipped up
But, I was drunk, so I took him for his necklace
I shouldn’t, but I’m reckless
She said that she likes me while she’s starin’ and lookin’ at my necklace
This dumb little lighty don’t even know she’s lookin’ at a deathwish
‘Cause someone’s gonna die if they try to take these
And, someone had to die before I could even make these
That’s the realest shit you’ll ever hear, them man had to shed a tear
All the issues that I go through make it hard on Fred’s career
And, damn, my nigga Woo, I still can’t believe it’s true
I still can’t believe it’s you
First Billy, then you
Real talk, I can’t believe it’s two
Still, it only took a week or two, pop out like, “Peek-a-boo”
Leave a nigga sleepin’, too
So, mind out who you’re speakin’ to
Mind out where you’re sleepin’, too
Have my shooters creep in through and leave ’em through
Last three patterns, no one didn’t even get nicked, we didn’t leave a clue
This year, I might grab the Rolls like I need a poo
Pull up with a star, and I got stars in the ceilin’, too
Seven K a month on the rent, you should see the view
I wish Billy could see it too, funny, sometimes, I don’t know where this life is leadin’ to
Really, fam, I need a clue
All I know, them streets are a myth
The realest niggas get birded, they find God then preach to the kids
About, “This life isn’t worth it”
All them years in jail must made them guys forget how hard it gets when life isn’t workin’
No sex, but you’re dreamin’ to get inside of a German
Went to jail for a stabbin’, came home and done another one, like my knife wasn’t learnin’
Now, you can get a nine for seven grand, like it’s Birkin
I’m grindin’ for certain
Amount of time that Sav put his knife in a person, thought my guy was a surgeon
Before Cat and Bambi, all my Lycas were twerkin’
I been overlappin’ niggas when it comes to rappin’ and trappin’ like the mic was a circuit
Now, the game’s full of fucking clowns, like it’s a circus
It usually takes hoes two years to get tired of me gettin’ all inside of their cervix
‘Til they realise it’s more to life like holidays and nice little purses
That I ain’t gonna purchase even though she knows I’m nice off these verses
And, my ring and watch is three hundred, like Lil Durk is
I make shit go happen in the flats, you know what happens with them straps while you been cappin’ in your raps
If you ain’t with this pattern, then move out of the way
All my niggas get it crackin’, yours are out here to play
They get one chance like minefield
2008, in 2012 my phone was on 2000 a day
Take my niggas out to eat, that’s two thousand a steak
Tell them boys, “Try to keep up,” they’re two hundred thousand and late
Everybody’s a shooter, welcome to 2000 and fake
Two nights, no cap, sixty thousand a Tape
Ask my niggas Zeus, straight cash, livin’ proof
Nigga, what? Nigga, when? Nigga, who?
Tell me who you did it to, you know what me and my niggas really do
For my nigga Woo, get it on your door like it’s Deliveroo
Or that boy we did it to, them niggas must be dumb
I got a couple businesses, but, still, my business isn’t done
That means I’m comin’ for you niggas, and I’m comin’ for riches
Let me welcome you to this, this is Unfinished Business

My Story Lyrics – Fredo

My Story

Fredo has been putting together a strong run of singles and features this year and his latest track, “Scoreboard” featuring Tiggs Da Author, only adds momentum to that run. Fredo makes sure we can’t overlook the numbers that he’s putting on the board, the numbers he’s paying to his jeweller, nor the numbers in his bank account over a solid gold production from Show N Prove. It’s a menacing beat that is perfect for Fredo to floss and .

Check Out   My Story by Fredo. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Fredo. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Fredo. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 6, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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