One For all All for one by EverdreaM

Read One For all All for one.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By ROCK★PANDA. It Official Music Video Has been Release May. 1, 2024 Day And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

One For all All for one by EverdreaM
One For all All for one by EverdreaM


“One For All, All For One” by EverdreaM is an uplifting pop song that celebrates the power of collective action and shared dreams. It encourages listeners to work together and support each other for a brighter future.

[Verse 1]
果てしない空の彼方へと Fly high
毎日が今日という名の Starting lineyell

Explanation of Verse 1
The song opens with an image of boundless possibility (“Fly high to the endless sky”). Every day is seen as a new beginning (“Every day is a starting line called today”). The lyrics challenge the idea of needing a specific goal (“There’s no need to aim for a goal”) and instead suggest that happiness can be found in everyday moments.

Everybody 翼広げて 誰にも負けない気持ちで
羽ばたいて行こうHere we go!

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
This section calls for unity and shared experiences (“Everyone, spread your wings Let’s fly with a feeling that no one can beat”). It culminates in an enthusiastic “Here we go!” signifying a shared journey.

One for all そしたら未来は輝くから
All for one 涙も笑顔も分かち合いながら
One for all 想いを1つに羽ばたいたら
All for one 僕らの未来は輝くから

Explanation of Chorus
The central message unfolds in the chorus. “One for all” represents the idea of individual contributions to a collective good. “All for one” emphasizes the importance of reciprocated support (“sharing tears and smiles”).The repeated lines, “One for all, then the future will shine / All for one, while sharing tears and smiles,” highlight the connection between collective effort and a brighter future.

[Verse 2]

Explanation of Verse 2
This verse acknowledges challenges and suffering (“If there are tears somewhere on Earth”). It emphasizes the power of even small acts of kindness (“even a small light is fine Let’s deliver them”). The lyrics also highlight the importance of perspective (“Any scenery depends on us”). The final line in the verse encourages perseverance (“Let’s connect the future with a feeling of not giving up in our hearts”).

One for all どんな時でも1人じゃないから
All for one 涙も笑顔も分かち合えるなら
One for all 誰もが特別な1つだから
All for one 僕らの未来は輝くから

Explanation of Chorus
This expanded chorus reiterates the message of unity and inclusivity. Lines like “You are never alone, no matter what” and “everyone is special” emphasize the importance of individual worth within the collective.

One for allそしたら未来は輝くから
All for one 涙も笑顔も分かち合いながら
One for all 想いを1つに羽ばたいたら
All for one 僕らの未来は輝くから

Explanation of Chorus
The song features a brief instrumental break before returning to the powerful chorus, driving home the message of hope and a shared future.
One For All, All For One is a motivational anthem that inspires listeners to work together towards a brighter future. It emphasizes the importance of mutual support and the power of collective action.

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