Prologue by ​aespa 에스파

Read Prologue.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Gil Lewis, Micky Blue, Mola (KOR) & ​Mia (미아) (KOR).The official Music Video Has been Release May. 27, 2024 Day And Pre On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Prologue by ​aespa 에스파
Prologue by ​aespa 에스파

[Intro: Ningning, Giselle]
Woo, woo, woo, la-la
Woo, woo, woo, la-la

Explaation of Intro
The song opens with a repetitive chant of “Bahama,” setting the tropical theme and creating a sense of anticipation.

[Verse 1: Karina]
난 내가 참 어려워
늘 모든 게
다 불안해
아직 어린 내 맘이
자라지 못한 채
나를 보곤 해

Explaation of Verse 1
The singer beckons someone to join them on a secret escape. They want to turn off their phones and disappear, crossing the Pacific Ocean to a dreamlike island paradise.

[Pre-Chorus: Giselle, Ningning]
Hey, hey 어른이란
이름의 tag
변해버린 everything
갈필 잃은 맘이
날 밀어내 매일

Explaation of Pre-Chorus
The pre-chorus acknowledges the sense of urgency and excitement. They understand the feeling of wanting to escape (“the one that’s falling apart”) and propose a carefree solution: jumping into the waves, grabbing a Pina Colada, and heading to the Bahamas.

[Chorus: Winter, Karina]
Baby, I’m a weirdo, I know
나만 이런걸까
어린 아이처럼 oh, no
왠지 난 서투른 걸
And I don’t know what to do
And I don’t know how
달려가는 시간 뒤로
나만 멈춰있어
It goes like

Explaation of Chorus
The chorus is a declaration of longing. The singer pleads to be taken away to this idyllic blue ocean paradise: “Take me, take me, take me on an ocean-blue / Bahama.” The desire to surf the waves together adds to the romantic and adventurous vibe.

[Verse 2: Ningning, Giselle]
늘 기대완 다르게
흘러가는 way
이젠 익숙해
그대로 걸어가
이 비 바람 다
때가 되면 다시
그칠 테니까, oh

Explaation of Verse 2
The scene shifts to the Bahamas. The couple has built a sandcastle together, enjoying the simple pleasures of the beach. The lyrics paint a picture of playful intimacy (“So cute, like you… holding you”).

[Pre-Chorus: Karina, Winter]
Hey, hey 의미 없어
정해진 map
한 걸음씩 every day
선명해진 맘이
날 이끌어 매일

Explaation of Pre-Chorus
The pre-chorus returns, this time focusing on the beauty of the sunset. The singer longs to hold hands and experience true happiness in this escape to paradise.

[Chorus: Ningning, Giselle]
Baby, I’m a weirdo, I know
나만 이런걸까
어린 아이처럼 oh, no
왠지 난 서투른 걸
And I don’t know what to do
And I don’t know how
달려가는 시간 뒤로
나만 멈춰있어

Explaation of Chorus
The chorus repeats, emphasizing the desire to surf the waves and escape with their loved one.

[Bridge: Ningning, Winter, Karina]
Baby, 다른 누구와 내 삶을
비교할 필요 없어
나의 것들로 날
삶이란 미로
때론 헤매도
이 자체로 소중한 걸
그 끝이 어디든
정해진 결말은 없어
누가 뭐라 해도, oh no
나답게 가고 싶어

Explaation of Bridge
The bridge celebrates the beauty of their island getaway. They revel in the summer days, the starlit nights, and the freedom from the jealous city. The song builds to a declaration of how “crazy” it is to be so happy.

[Outro: All]
오직 나만의 속도로
흐름대로 가
셀 수 없는 날들 위로
나의 이야길 써
지금 난
Woo, woo (Alright), woo, la-la
Woo (Oh), woo (Ooh), woo, la-la

Explaation of Outro
The song ends with a simple invitation: “We should go to the beach / Take it slow, Bahama.” The lyrics leave a lasting impression of the idyllic island paradise and the carefree escape it offers.
BAHAMA is a summer anthem that celebrates the desire for escape, the joy of connection, and the beauty of a tropical paradise.

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