If you weren’t so eager to please the white man and send the grading curve up there’d be three times as many of us here now. What kind of Tom are you, anyway?
Same as you, I guess
Except that I don’t try to have it both ways
Are you calling me a ‘Tom’, man?
Well, none of us were picked for our militancy now, were we?
Now why don’t you go away and let me alone?
Why don’t you join the team, man?
Team? Man, I’m not playing any games
Come here now, come
This fool is crazy, man

[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Ayy, brother, brother
And any men born to mothers
Just know that your days are numbered
And life might be filled with troubles
Your troubles may come in doubles
In form of your former lovers
They use your kids for revenge
‘Cause you dug her, but never loved her
Never loved her, but drug her
Drug her and made her suffer
Left her a single mother
No malice since I was younger
Barely filled with that hunger
Barely could help my mama
How could I be a father?
Daily, keep gettin’ harder
Have mercy
Every week, somethin’ hittin’ me adversely
I remember dropping my babies off at the church nursery
I remember sittin’ hurt all alone in the church service
Asking God to reveal me a plan and a higher purpose
Was a boy, now I’m grown
Immaturity gone
Lying, scheming, and dreaming in queue is gettin’ your own
Ask anybody that know me, I suffered slowly for years
And now I’m like Kobe grippin’ that trophy closely and I shed tears

[Bridge: Lena Byrd Miles]
I’m right here waiting to give you rest for your soul
When your soul needs peace, come unto me, I’ll give you rest
Today is the day you find rest
Trust in me, I will give you rest
Rest, rest
Rest for your soul

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Yeah, ayy
Love nothing, we ain’t just come from it, we cut from it
Troubled youngin, unload firearms ain’t think nothing of it
Product of my environment, I am nothing but it
We prepare ourself for the penitentiary, it come with thuggin’
Ayy, mama told me it get lonely in that cell
But she ain’t tell me it’ll break you, sis, I thank you for your mail
Poppin’ pills ’til I can’t feel, somebody save me from myself
Giveaways is bool and all, let’s do some **** that’ll really help
‘Member granny grabbed the belt and went berserk about us smokin’
Get teary-eyed about them moments, they was golden
Yeah, rainy days approaching, we was sheltered, do they help her?
Wish I could hit your cellular, without you here, I’m helpless

[Bridge: Lena Byrd Miles]
I’ll give you rest for soul
I’m standin’ here waitin’
Come unto me, I’ll give you rest
Don’t be afraid to rest (Rest for your soul)

[Verse 3: Killer Mike]
I shed tears every morning in the bathroom mirror
Face to face with fate, had to face my fears
It was me, I’m the reason that I fell
That was hell, locked in self-guilt like jail
Lord, I cried, almost died, empty inside
The devil whispers in your ear, you contemplate suicide
I tell you I know, promise, honest, been there before
And it’s pride before the fall, it’s how it usually go
Lookin’ at me, I was struttin’, proud as can be
Couldn’t tell me nothin’, I was hushin’ people, peak of the G
I heard my ancestors’ voices, now they speakin’ through me
Sometime my faith get fully shaken, I get weak as can be
Pray and repent, gather my strength, fast like it’s Lent
The devil sent the storm to break me, but I didn’t buy a Bent’
Won’t buy a bin, I’ll suffer, then will do it again
Made it to the mountaintop straight from the valley of sin

[Outro: Lena Byrd Miles & Killer Mike]
I’ve been delivered some pain
When you’re feeling tired
I guess it comes with the game
When you’re feeling broken (Rest for your soul)
For those who suffered for years
When you’re feeling burdened
Th-th-that’s why I shed tears
I’ll give you rest
I’ve had to live with some pain
Rest, come unto me
I guess it come with the game
I’ll give you
For those who suffered for years
I’m your refuge, any day you can find me
Th-th-that’s why I shed tears
Oh, rest
For your soul, for your soul
I’ll give you rest, rest for your soul

SHED TEARS Lyrics – Killer Mike & Mozzy


On SPACESHIP VIEWS Killer Mike, Curren$y and 2 Chainz flex on their status and reflect on where they came from with melodic backing from Kaash Paige. This is Killer Mike’s first collaboration with Curren$y since they featured together on Big Boi’s Follow Deez in 2017 and his first collaboration with 2 Chainz since Black Power. White Powder. in 2018. It’s the first time he’s worked with Kaash Paige.

Check Out   SHED TEARS by Killer Mike & Mozzy. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Killer Mike & Mozzy. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Killer Mike & Mozzy. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On 1. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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