Survive City Girls lyrics

Survive City Girls lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by City Girls The music track was released Date 20 de octubre del año 2023.

Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up

I been through a whole lotta things
With different niggas every time they say they got me
Them niggas turn around and change
But, Lord, please let this be the one
‘Cause I’m prayin’ to you now with my hand right by my gun
My city turned me to a city girl
Had to get the bills paid, ain’t no love in this city, girl
They was gossipin’ in nail shops
I was runnin’ up the stores, tryna see did the jwett pop
Condos under CPN’s
Just to get my money up, had to cut off the middleman
Middleman and some fake friends
Now I’m sitting in this Benz, just me and my fucking ends

They be like
“JT, what’s yo’ definition of a city girl?”
Shit, survive
You know
Get that muhfucking money
Don’t stop
‘Cause a lot of motherfuckers be wanting you to stop
Get they ass, Miami
Mama came home, I put her on that Boosting for them clothes to get my own check (Period)
Straight from the projects to a new Patek
Good neck from a billionaire on Leariet’s
I done seen bitches lie on my name
But it came with the fame
Ho, that’s why you mad as fuck I can’t help that them dirty ass bitches getting sad
They mad, they probably had the baddest luck
Big Bottega in the Bentley truck
White toe stepper, Cartier buffs
Bitches want smoke while I’m on the jet with Puff
Young bitch from Miami got a nigga tryna cuff

You know what, JT?
The only thing that I can tell you is
I’m a motherfuckin’ city girl
And that’s gettin’ this money by any means necessary
If that’s what you wanna call it
I guess it’s called survival
Get that motherfuckin’ money

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