The light went out Moonkey lyrics

The light went out Moonkey lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by Moonkey The music track was released Date October 20, 2023.

I know I’m hurting myself but we are too smart for this life
When we try to achieve it there are always people who don’t like that we are so high
She loves to be high while counting the bills, this shit contaminates us
We are in 2023 this year it is seeing my mother in the pool
and she doesn’t play in my league and that causes fatigue
I have never wanted to be bad but sometimes they force me
That’s what I don’t want to be, but they force me to be. It’s hard to keep it, so they get in line.
The light went out inside me, pray for me because now I have changed.
I swear I’m not going to be sad if everyone who left me aside eats one…
I have a bad head, this shit, tell me who can take it away, I have always been a star but life seems damned, more problems all day in tension, bad luck doesn’t seem to prevent
There will be signs when the money is well set up in my levitating mind.
ma this is the law of attraction and if we get lost together this is more of an addiction okay
This is the life we ​​chose, you and I didn’t miss it, you and I missed it.

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