Alienated by ZAYN

Read Alienated.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By ZAYN.It Official Music Video Has been Release Apr. 12, 2024 Day And Pre On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

ZAYN’s melancholic song “Alienated” explores the emotional wasteland of loneliness and disconnection. Despite physical closeness with someone, ZAYN feels utterly isolated, like he’s adrift on a spaceship alone. The lyrics grapple with past mistakes and the pain they’ve caused, yet a glimmer of acceptance emerges as he contemplates letting go and finding solace in solitude.

Alienated b ZAYN
Alienated by ZAYN

[Verse 1]
No two people are the same
Stand beside you, but just far enough away
Last night we were drinking
Tried to think away the pain
Made that age-old mistake
Tried to disconnect my body
From my soul, from my soul
See, I feel alright already on my own

Expanation of Verse 1
The song opens with a sense of disconnection. Despite being physically close to someone (presumably a lover), ZAYN feels emotionally distant. He reflects on past attempts to escape his pain through intoxication and disassociation. However, he finds a glimmer of solace in solitude – “I feel alright already on my own.”

Can you let me be
Intoxicated on my own?
Do I need to answer
Or right my wrongs?
Am I home if I don’t know this place?

Expanation of Pre-chorus
ZAYN pleads for space and independence. He questions if he needs to answer for past mistakes or reconcile, highlighting his confusion about belonging.

And I’ve been feeling alienated
On my spaceship alone
Say goodbye to the past
Leave it all with a laugh
‘Cause you always was right all along

Expanation of Chorus
The chorus is the core message. ZAYN confesses feeling alienated and isolated, like he’s on his own spaceship. He acknowledges the need to let go of the past and find humor in it, possibly referring to past relationships or mistakes. There’s also a hint of acceptance, as he admits his past partner might have been right all along.

[Verse 2]
Know my reasons for the pain
But if you brought it in front of me
I know I’d do it all again
Call them beer can gains
I know from all the years
That my feelings nеver change

Expanation of Verse 2
Here, ZAYN reflects on the reasons behind his pain. He recognizes self-destructive patterns but admits he might repeat them despite the negative consequences.

[Verse 3]
Did the winds make the noise of change?
Can the wings on your skin help you fly away?
‘Cause it’s always raining
And the clouds are always grey when you’re away

Expanation of Verse 3
The imagery shifts to weather, with rain and grey clouds symbolizing sadness and the absence of a loved one. He ponders if change is inevitable and if there’s a chance for escape.

All along
Say goodbye to the past
Say goodbye
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ah, ah-ah

Expanation of Outro
The song ends with a repeated emphasis on letting go of the past and accepting the lessons learned, even if it means being alone for now.
“Alienated” is a raw and introspective song about navigating emotional isolation and the journey towards self-discovery. ZAYN explores themes of loneliness, self-doubt, and the importance of letting go to find peace.

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