Amen Lyrics – Drake ft. Teezo Touchdown

Amen Lyrics – Drake ft. Teezo Touchdown Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On Youtube While The Lyrics Are Written By Drake & Teezo Touchdown.The Music Track Was Released Date :October 6, 2023.

Amen by Drake featuring Teezo Touchdown is a compelling musical collaboration with lyrics co-written by Drake and Teezo Touchdown. Released on October 6, 2023, the accompanying music track showcases the synergy between the two artists. For a more immersive experience and to explore the song’s nuances, you can watch the official video on YouTube. As Drake and Teezo Touchdown join forces, Amen promises to be a noteworthy addition to their respective bodies of work, offering listeners a blend of their unique styles and musical innovation.


[Intro: Teezo Touchdown]
Father God
I come to You to say thank You
That’s all, I don’t wanna ask for anything
I just wanna say thank You, Lord
Thank You

[Explanation Of Intro]

At the start of the introduction, Teezo Touchdown directs his words towards God. He opens by conveying a deep sense of gratitude, expressing thanks to God for a specific blessing. He explicitly states his intention not to seek anything more but rather to solely convey appreciation and gratitude.
[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]
Praying, praying (Thank You)
Pray again, pray again (Thank You, Father)
Praying (Thank You, Lord)
Praying ’til you find a man
That’s gone treat you
That’s gone treat you like I can (Amen, amen)
That’s gone please you
That’s gone please you like I can (Church)

[Verse: Drake & Teezo Touchdown]
Church like a priest, Turks for the week
Purse for yourself, purse for your niece
Know you don’t do Percs, baby, but (Take your time)
That’s the perks of dating me
Red Merces with the red seats
Buy red wig, part the Red Sea
With a neat freak, getting mess—
God, forgive me
Father, I’ve sinned
Sent more than your father ever sent
Spent more than your baby father did
And you my baby, so I gotta put you in the crib
Same neighborhood where Ashton Kutcher live
I’m just doing what that punk should have did (Thank You, Lord)
She praying for me while I’m on the road
Praying for me while I hold her close
Praying that there’s not no other girl
I’m praying that these girls’ll never know
She praying, asking God for a sign
I just went and paid her car note

[Explanation Of Verse 1]

Within this verse, Drake begins by incorporating religious symbols and concepts, noting a church-like atmosphere and referencing the luxurious destination of “Turks.” He indicates a desire to provide material gifts for the woman in question, such as a purse for her and her niece. Acknowledging her avoidance of drugs like Percs, he implies that there are unique advantages to being in a relationship with him. The verse touches on opulent aspects of life, including driving expensive cars, and even includes a biblical allusion with the mention of “part the Red Sea.” Drake also hints at a sexual encounter with someone meticulous but expresses remorse for his actions, seeking forgiveness from a higher power.

[Interlude: Teezo Touchdown]
Turn to your neighbor
Say “Neighbor”

[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]
Praying, praying (Neighbor)
Pray again, pray again (Everybody, say it)
Praying ’til you find a man
That’s gone treat you
That’s gone treat you like I can
That’s gone please you
That’s gone please you like I can

[Outro: Teezo Touchdown]
Thank you for calling Mercedes Benz in Beaumont
If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time, or dial “9” for company directory
For sales, please press “1”

[Explanation Of Outro]

In the concluding section, Teezo Touchdown’s lyrics take a pragmatic turn, diverging from the religious and relationship themes explored in previous verses. The focus shifts as he discusses reaching out to Mercedes Benz in Beaumont, providing guidance for callers seeking specific extensions or departments within the company.

On the whole, “Amen” intricately weaves together elements of spirituality, relationships, and materialism. The song encompasses a mix of gratitude, desire, and contemplation on personal actions and their repercussions.

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