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Bachelorette Lyrics – Björk Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On Youtube While The Lyrics Are Written By Sjón & Björk. The Music Track Was Released Date :December 8, 1997.

The lyrics, penned by the collaborative efforts of Björk and Sjón, you are invited on a journey that combines poetic imagination with Björk’s unique sonic landscape. The accompanying videotapeaccessible on YouTube, enhances the experience by bringing visual art to the narrative. Prepare to be immersed in a world where Björk’s distinctive lyrics and Sjón’s lyrical prowess meet to produced a piece of art that transcends conventional musical boundaries.

[Verse 1: Björk]
I’m a fountain of blood
In the shape of a girl
You’re the bird on the brim
Hypnotised by the whirl
Drink me, make me feel real
Wet your beak in the stream
Game we’re playing is life
Love’s a two way dream

[Explanation of Verse 1]
Björk paints a vivid image of herself as a fountain of blood, symbolizing life and vitality in the form of a girl. The metaphorical bird on the brim suggests captivation and fascination. The invitation to “drink me” and make her feel real implies a desire for connection. The metaphor of the game being life and love as a two-way dream introduces themes of reciprocity.

[Chorus: Björk]
Leave me now, return tonight
Tide will show you the way
If you forget my name
You will go astray
Like a killer whale
Trapped in a bay

[Explanation of Chorus]
The chorus suggests a cyclical nature, with the tide showing the way and the consequences of forgetting the speaker’s name leading to going astray. The analogy of a killer whale trapped in a bay conveys a sense of confinement and perhaps the consequences of forgetting one’s identity.

[Verse 2: Björk]
I’m a path of cinders
Burning under your feet
You’re the one who walks me
I’m your one-way street
I’m a whisper in the water
Secret for you to hear
You’re the one who grows distant
When I beckon you near

[Explanation of Verse 2]
Björk continues with metaphors, describing herself as a path of cinders under the listener’s feet, representing a potentially challenging or intense relationship. The imagery of being a one-way street implies a sense of directionality in the connection. The whisper in the water signifies a secret, and the distance growing when beckoned suggests a complex emotional dynamic.

[Chorus: Björk]
Leave me now, return tonight
Tide will show you the way
If you forget my name
You will go astray
Like a killer whale
Trapped in a bay

[Explanation of Chorus]
The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the importance of remembering the speaker’s name to avoid going astray. The killer Goliath conceit persists, buttressing the idea of confinement or being trapped.

[Verse 3: Björk]
I’m a tree that grows hearts
One for each that you take
You’re the intruder’s hand
I’m the branch that you break

[Explanation of Verse 3]
The imagery shifts to a tree that grows hearts, suggesting vulnerability and a willingness to offer love. The listener is portrayed as an intruder, and the breaking of the branch implies a sense of violation or rupture in the connection.

[Outro: Björk]

[Explanation of Outro]
The outro consists of gibberish, which could be interpreted as a non-verbal expression of emotion or a departure from the structured narrative, leaving room for personal interpretation.

The lyrics of “I See Who You Are” by Björk convey a rich tapestry of metaphors exploring the complexities of relationships. Themes of connection, identity, and vulnerability are woven throughout, with pictorial imagery depicting the speaker’s substance as a root of life and love. The repeated motifs of the killer Goliath and the consequences of forgetting a name add layers to the narrative, inviting listeners to contemplate the complications of mortal connection and the implicit pitfalls of neglecting one’s sense of tone. The gibberish in the outro introduces an element of ambiguity, allowing for individual interpretation and emotional resonance.

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