Bet I Whip It Lyrics

[Intro: YTB Fatt]
Huh, nigga
In my city, if you got a hundred on your head, that’s a—

[Verse 1: YTB Fatt]
Huh, that’s a one hundred thousand dollar biscuit
He say he want somethin’ for the fifty, I’m with Durk and Bagg, still bet I can whip it
‘Member them long nights in the kitchen, fast-forward, I’m fuckin’ Miami bitches
Told my niggas, “He don’t deserve that K, soon you catch him, hit him with nothin’ but switches”
I can’t send no hit right now in the city ’cause I’m on the road to riches
You know I was gon’ find that lil’ shit out, shouldn’t have been talkin’ to bitches
Where I’m from, niggas get smacked on they ass just for hanging with ’em
Meek Mill just sent a jet for me and Bagg, flew through thirty cities
I ain’t gotta prove no point to these niggas, that button in my hand, I bet I switch it
Put that pot in front of my nigga, bet he whip it

[Verse 2: Rob 49]
Yeah, I ain’t never been to Memphis, soon as I touch down, got my thirty with me
We ain’t the same kind, I done made eighths turn to a whole onion
Bet I whip it, stir it proper
Wrist tryna lock up, kill him out of love, give him that Jeffery Dahmer
In fact, they ain’t never seen a shot go off, they ain’t never see a shot up car
Yeah, he was outside tryna hit them hoes, but bro tryna hit his mark
Yeah, biggest boss like Ricky Ross, ain’t no middleman
Yeah, me and T was ridin’ two deep in a minivan
Yeah, when he running from them dicks, he looking like Metcalf
Yeah, ain’t too many like this, everything I say facts
Yeah, nigga better pick a side, mm, I just got a brand-new mop
Huh, I ain’t no rap nigga, huh, real nigga, at his top
I’ve been keepin’ it humble and keepin’ it real, they say I was feelin’ myself
I’ve been stackin’ and trappin’ and makin’ it happen, I ran up an M in a year, yeah

[Verse 3: YTB Fatt]
Nigga, I be stackin’ and rappin’ and makin’ it happen, I made me a fifty in a month
I put the ‘bows in the vacuum seals, bro and ’em put the pussy niggas in the blunt
These niggas really be pullin’ stunts, bro and ’em really put niggas in trunks
Came from nothin’, you don’t know how it feel for Yo Gotti to say you the one
Niggas be say all they smokin’ on, but ain’t never saw shit get put in a blunt
I don’t wanna link with these niggas for nothin’
Play with a Fox, get whacked for nothin’
Nigga, huh, it’s a hundred thousand dollar biscuit
Nigga, put that shit on your mitten, nigga
Huh, huh, put that switch on my mitten
Huh, huh, huh, hundred thousand dollar biscuit

Bet I Whip It Lyrics – YTB Fatt & Rob49

Bet I Whip It

Ben Mari  prod by tony2loud.

Check Out   Bet I Whip It by YTB Fatt & Rob49. It Is A Brand New English Song Of YTB Fatt & Rob49. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    YTB Fatt & Rob49. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 18, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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