Better Run (Day Is Done)

📌 TitleBetter Run (Day Is Done)
‍🎤 SingerKodak Black
📃 LyricsKodak Black
📅 Release DateOctober 31, 2022

Better Run (Day Is Done) Lyrics: This Song Has Been Uploaded on Kodak Black.

Better Run (Day Is Done) Lyrics

(DJ Cam gon’ show ’em how to drip)
Yeah, motion only, nigga
I let the top off the biggest stepper (JT on the track again)
You niggas wanna talk to the big stepper ’til I brought the nigga to the hood
Trust, Kodak
Close death
And, I told you niggas I’m Zd up ’til they feet up
Zd up ’til I’m freed up
Till the world freeze over,” nigga
And, it’s gettin’ cold in this bitch
Got the poles in this bitch, uh-huh

On the road, we packed the Scat
Know we gon’ need gas and blacks
Got Zoes in here, big poles in here
Get tatted with this clap
Hit a ho and pass it back
Your shooter just lost his hat
He Tweet on the computer, I’ma leave his top right in his lap
You can run, but, I’m gon’ catch ya
You can hidе, you still gon’ die, nigga
When them bullеts fly, make mamas cry
No sympathy in my eyes
Nigga, what you see when you see me?
I’m a Z, that’s who I be
I’m off my top, ain’t got no mind
Nigga, I’m killin’ these niggas for free
Got a yellow beer out of green cherry
Suck dick like Karen Stephan
And I’m at the top, I’m still steppin’, get surgical with this weapon
Zoe flag on a machete, I’m cutthroat, nigga, you get beheaded
I done got my empty print, I post a Bentley that I already
I’m crackin’ milli’
Nigga, I’m a thirty-eight high
Yeah, pussy ho wan’ rump, got to be treated for a opp, yeah
Mn, I like it, catch my ride
Try throw subliminal at my top, yeah?
[?] block fire, I got my sniper ready to rock, yeah

Better run (Mhm)
Don’t get you done (Uh-huh)
Got to have some fun (Yeah)
‘Til the day it’s done (Cutthroat business)
Cutthroat Bill, kill that boy, kill that bitch
KTB, Kodak the boss, off top (Mhm)

Better run, get you done
I tell ’em, “Go,” they say it’s done
I’m so cutthroat, put a dent in yo’ head, oh, yeah, another one
We ain’t missin’ shit when them switches hit, nigga, what you runnin’ for?
That rapper poppin’ out like Hubba Bubba, call it bubblegum
‘Cause when I pop and you get chewed up, then I throw it out
Halloween, baby, turn yo’ mama crib to a horror house
I went [?] Ms on a M, but, they ain’t thankin’ me
Smack a nigga down like [?], but, nigga, play with me
Big shell father, .357, this a Trey Fifty
Bitch bend backwards so I can cram ya like your face missin’
Coupe go two-fifty, I’m so SG, I’m a Super Gremlin
Shooter too specific, hit his mama, make her lose a titty
They shawty call me Jason, she been with me before the fame [?]
I went fuckin’ crazy, I was straight until the fame switchin’
Yeah, run in his house and kill his family
make him wish that he was with ’em
When he hear the way we torture his lil’ sister, that’s gon’ kill him

Better run (Mhm)
Don’t get you done (Uh-huh)
Got to have some fun (.38 special ’cause I’m special with this .30)
‘Til the day it’s done
.38 on me, bitch special
.38 special, bitch I’m special with this .30 (Uh-huh)
Better run
Don’t get you done
Got to have some fun
‘Til the day it’s done
Better run
Don’t get you done
Got to have some fun
‘Til the day it’s done

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