Beyond Turnt 2 lyrics

Beyond Turnt 2 lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by BabyTron. The music track was released Date : October 27, 2023. 


BabyTron, I don’t wanna be on no fan shit right now
But bro, I literally ran up, probably like
No federal shit, like fuckin’ three-hundred K in my Ford Fusion
Because I listen to your music every day
I saw your scams, I fucking figured out about the punches
I started trapping hard, just went fucking hard as shit, bro
Love the hell out of you
Can’t wait to talk to you, man, I hope I can talk to you
(I hear you, JAY C), huh

Cut into a bitch, like, “Hey, stink,” what you on tonight?
Turn my drank pink, it got my piss purple
I got a shell up on my back, but I don’t sip turtle
DogShit Militia, watch them bullies and them spin circles, bitch
We’ll leave a snitch in the ditch, bitch
Shit, I’m lookin’ rich in my Ricks, bitch
Told her, “Eat the dick, eat the uh, uh”
Told her, “Eat the dick, eat the dick, bitch”
Up that fully on his ass and have him like, “Shit”
Pull up with a hoodie and a mask, and have him like, “Shit”
I just blew a fifty strip in the mall, like, “Shit”
Make him scramble out his pockets like he Mike Vick
Wow, I could up nine hundred thou’
Wow, I’m ridin’ with a hundred rounds
Wow, he was lackin’, then they gunned him down
Wow, I just rolled a blunt of Wocky
Uh-huh, I hear you
Uh-uh-uh, nah, I don’t fear you
Lil’ ho got a wide body, cut into her, let me steer you
I know you hear security like, “Uh-uh-uh,” won’t let me near you
I’ma do the, “Uh-huh” if the cops up in the rear view
Fuck, my ho just brought me back a couple drops
Fuck, walk around with, “Fah-fah-fah,” I’m juggernaut
Fuck, a couple shots ain’t nothin’, think his jumper hot
Fuck, pause, but we gon’ try to bust his top
Sheesh, caught a play West, I’m flyin’ East now, sheesh
Hit they block, them boys beggin’ for peace now, sheesh
In the paint, I’m Kareem mixed with Hakeem and Embiid, sheesh
Ah, hell nah
Doggy bone finished, what the fuck I tell y’all?
Ah, hell nah, this some fetty that I’m tryna sell y’all, this hell nah
Ah, hell nah, yo’ bitch in “Ah, hell nah”
Bitch asked for somethin’, I’ma ask her, can she smell, “Nah”?
Woah, what the fuck? I’m rollin’ up a— (Uh)
Woah, what the fuck? I’m rollin’ with the— (Uh)
Woah, what the fuck? I’m pourin’ up some— (Uh)
Woah, what the fuck? He ain’t show up in the clutch
She know I only show up for the nuts, ah-ha
He know we ain’t finna throw us a punch, ah-ha
Bitch, get down, I’m finna throw a round, haha
Am I Joker? Am I Yung Joc? It’s goin’ down, ah-ha (Arf)
DogShit Militia, when we ’round, you might hear “Arf”
Hellkitty makin’ noises, how the fuck it just go, “Arf”?
Real deal pit’, I don’t talk, I don’t even (Arf)
Snakes in the grass, all I hear is, “Sss”
If my Slatt catch his ass, you gon’ hear a, “Sss”
Diamondback with silencer, this lil’ bitch sound like, “Sss”
All these hoes go, “Sss-sss-sss-sss”
I’m off a whippet, canister go, “Sss-sss-sss”
No way Jose
These Christian Diors, I don’t do the Dolce
No way Jose
Kill my bitch and beat the body, OJ
No way Jose
Slut tryna spend some time, I sent her, “OK”
No way Jose
No way, José, no way, José, no way, José
I don’t even know, that’s what I just told the cops
Boy, you ain’t even froze, that’s what I just told his watch
Boy, you don’t even pour, you don’t even score
Boy, you don’t even go when it’s time to hit the road
Let me check my AP, shit, it’s time to get the lo’, shit
Let me check my AP, man, it’s time to kick the door, shit
Let me check my AP, man, it’s time to hit the floor, shit
Let me check my AP, couldn’t even do it, it just hit the folks
(Ah) I gotta sip it slow
(Ah) I just poured a six, then four
(Ah) How ironic, I’m on ten
Take my last six backstage, like should I go on when?
Let me get an extra minute, I’m thumbin’ extra chicken
I got extras (Uh)
This a different texture (Uh)
Come and get a tester (Uh)
First night I blessed her (Uh)

It’s long live $cams

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