Bills Elyrix lyrics

Bills Elyrix lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by Elyrix The music track was released 05 de octubre del año 2023

How did I disappoint you
Why would I wanna destroy you
And if you really, wanna tone down
Wanna calm down, then I’m ready
Now the sun’s down, when I fall down
And I go down, would you help me
Why would I forget about you
This time, I’m holding on to you and her
I’ll give you everything that you deserve
The world is yours, it’s been way way way way too long (Yea)
Pshh, Pshh
Why you giving me that crazy look
Getting money, how long you think that it really took me?
Ah, you were easy reading, now I’m ready to write a book
Yeah, to write a book
Just like that one time Drake wrote one lines
And called it a book, I wonder how long it took
It took me a while, a few seasons
It’s easy to tell when you see me
It took me a lot to break even
It took them a lot to believe in me
They have a lot to say
Just like that one time when one guy
Came up to me, had a breakdown, and after the facts, bam bam bam bam bam bam, you talking to me?
Yeah, it’s probably me
How did I disappoint you
Forget about you
Ten times too, I’d love to
Bills, bills, it’s gone too
Feels, how you feel, is it me or you?
Hey, just like that one time when you tried
To give me a kiss, in front of my ex bitch, Chanel and a miss
Ahah, you crazy, Baby
Baby, just like that one time, you started crying
You thought I was lying, then you found out your friend was the one lying
Yeah, she played me (She played me)
Bills, bills, it’s gone too
Feels, how you feel, is it me or you?

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