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Drew A Picasso Lyrics – Drake  Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On Youtube
While The Lyrics Are Written By Drake, TheBoyKam, Dnny Phntm, SAUCEboy, Tommy Parker, Young Troy, Eli Brown & 40.The Music Track Was Released Date :October 6, 2023.

Drew A Picasso by Drake, released on October 6, 2023, is a captivating single with lyrics crafted by a collaborative team. The song’s compelling narrative is completed by a visually engaging music tape available on YouTube. With Drake’s distinctive style and a different group of authors, the track promises a rich and layered musical experience. As we explore the meaning and information behind the lyrics, Drew A Picasso emerges as an cultural addition to Drake’s discography, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its introspective fibber and unique sound.

[Intro: Drake]

(Baby, you know, you know, you know I need your love)

[Verse 1: Drake]
You cannot find no one better than this
Tryna do right by you, but we can’t mix, I try
Taking three months off, then fucking again
After you said we not fucking again
Never say “never, ” just say what it is
Act like you need some insurance on it
We didn’t get here on accident
Don’t make me bring out them racks again
Your two best friends are some savages
Damn, how many days has it been?
Swearing it’s different, not genuine
Moving like Snoopy and Charlie Brown
Feel like you tryna dog the kid

[Explanation Of Verse 1]

The opening verse sets the tone for the song, with Drake expressing the difficulty of finding someone better than the person he’s addressing. Despite his efforts to do right, there seems to be an inherent struggle in their connection. Drake touches on the cycle of taking breaks, only to find themselves back in each other’s lives, and the stress that arises from conflicting appeals. The lyric captures the raw emotions and the complexity of ultramodern relationships.

[Bridge: Drake]
You’re mine
Too many reasons why
I can’t picture you with him
That’s just so embarrassing
I want to diе, to die
I swear that I wanted you back thеn
Waiting on you like a backend
You bad as fuck, ain’t no capping
Statements you claimed never happened

[Explanation of Bridge]
In the bridge, Drake emphasizes a possessive sentiment, claiming the person as “mine” and expressing discomfort at the thought of them being with someone else. The lyrics convey a mixture of desire and embarrassment, creating   a sense of vulnerability that resonates with listeners. The artist reflects on the yesterday and hints at a desire for war.

[Verse 2: Drake]
This can’t be the shit that you doing to me
All of them nights you was sliding around
Told me what niggas was doing to you
That’s the same shit that you doing to me
You in the city, you laid up with him
While I’m on the road with no one to see
There’s no way
(Baby, you know, you know, you know I need your love)

[Explanation of Verse 2]
The second verse delves into a narrative where trust is broken.Drake reveals feelings of betrayal as he discovers the person he cares about is involved with someone else while he is away. The verses emphasize the pain of realizing that the equal actions that caused hurt in the history are now being repeated. Drake navigates the disagreeing  feelings of heartbreak and desire, creating a compelling narrative.

[Verse 3: Drake]
‘Cause you cannot find no one better than this
Tryna do right by you, but we can’t mix, I try
Fucking and argue and fucking again
After you said we not fucking again
Probably coulda made it work again if I
Was man enough to tell you you was wrong
Man enough to not put it in a song
For the world to sing along
Man enough, I coulda told you on my own
Man enough to admit that
Paragraph I sent last night, yeah
I probably shoulda never sent that
And when you laying on your stomach
Only time I ever wanna get my lick back
How the outsiders know the inside?
They was never supposed to get that, nah

[Explanation of Verse 3]
Continuing the theme of self-reflection, Drake admits to his own short comings and the mistakes he made in handling the situation. He acknowledges that he could have approached stuff differently and expresses shame for looking his grievances in a song for the world to hear. This verse adds depth to the narrative, exploring the nuances of taking responsibility in relations.

[Refrain: Drake]
And that’s just so embarrassing
I want to die, to die

[Explanation Of Refrain]
The Refrain Echoes The Embarrassment And Pain Felt By Drake, Emphasizing A Desire For Emotional Release And Perhaps Reconciliation. The Replay Of The Craving To Die Suggests The Intensity Of The Emotions And The Struggle To Fare With The Situation.

[Verse 4: Drake]
Ayy, I’m the one that you was wishing for when you was married
That tale wasn’t much of a fairy
Christmas, it wasn’t that merry
You a trophy to me like the Larry
Ayy, I’m the one that you was wishing for
Ayy, I’m the one that you was wishing for
In Miami and the owls with me like they just put my ass in Gryffindor
Mouth dry over twenty that I never bother getting no prescription for
Steez saying that you miss me and I won’t say it to you, but I miss you more
Said we got each other back and then you put the knife in it like the kitchen drawer
Way I’m feeling on this album, really took it easy on you, coulda written more
If the shoe was on the other foot and it was me, it woulda been guerilla war
Since you know I got a soft spot for you, this has turned into a civil war
Artists hitting on you, broke as fuck, I swear them niggas probably live in Singapore
The athlete that you rolling with, I saw his game last night, he didn’t score
Fuck, I gotta say a little more
Show you spots you never been before
It’s fucked up that we was going once and now you’re going twice like a bidding war
Why you act like just ’cause I go to the strip club, girl, that I don’t love you?
You still listening to R Kelly in the whip, baby girl, and I don’t judge you
I’ma end this shit and let the 40 beat play before I snap
In Booby Trap, throwing more bills than your baby daddy trap

[Explanation of Verse 4]
In the final verse, Drake takes a more assertive tone. He claims to be the one the person wished for even during their marriage, highlighting the complexities of infidelity and desire. The lyrics showcase Drake’s self-assuredness and confidence, juxtaposed with the vulnerability expressed earlier in the song. The verse concludes with a mix of assertiveness and raw emotion, leaving the listener with a sense of unresolved tension.

[Outro: Drake]
Yeah, grrah

“Embarrassing” stands as a multifaceted exploration of love and its challenges. Drake’s raw and introspective lyrics provide a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of relationships, capturing the highs and lows, and the inevitable complexities that arise. The song’s emotional depth, coupled with Drake’s distinctive storytelling, makes it a compelling and relatable piece for listeners navigating the intricacies of love and heartbreak.

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