DROWN Lyrics – Hakos Baelz

Check Out The DROWN Lyrics By Hakos Baelz It Is A Brand New English Song Of 2023. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Hakos Baelz Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 7, 2023And Present On The Youtube Channel.

DROWN Lyrics – Hakos Baelz

Start of the Lyrics
Descend Again
To This Place Alone
Enough’s Enough
Never Wanted This
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Please No More Words
No More Suffering And Blundering
Silence Is All I Need Today
Time Be Still
Switching Off The Lights
Welcome In The Abyss
Sinking In Despair
But Numb To The Pain
Covering My Ears
The More The Noise Stars To Hurt
I Finally Chose To Drown
(Na Na Naa)
(Ooh Na Na Naa)
In Depths I Find
It’s Easier To Breathe
Spiraling Down
How’d It Come To This
Lies, Endless Maze
Endless Struggling (Struggling)
No Escaping
Locked Away All My Fears Within
All Is Still
Reach Into The Dark
Come Lie In The Abyss
Contract Signed And Sealed
One Cannot Be Free
Opening My Eyes
Overflowing Tears, Oh They Taste
So Sweet
It’s Easier Just To Drown
Let Me Fade Away
Hope Is Long Gone
No Such Miracles To Save Us All
Only Way Out I Know Is Here
Drown With Me
Silencing All Sound
Welcome To My Abyss
Nowhere Else To Go
A Prisoner Of Fate
Someday You Will Stand
But Those Words Are Empty And Void
All Lies
They Told Me To Go And Drown
So Let’s Fade Away
Let All Disappear
Leaving Behind
End The Lyrics

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