Endless Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Premier]
I came up
I came up with something endless
I came up
I came up with something endless
All product, strapped ready to murder the show

I used to walk with a limp from landin’ primo now I’m in the stu’ with Preem
Dreidels rule everything around but that bitch a D.R.E.A.M
Met a pastor on the train, he tried to sell that boy a dream
Talkin’ to them Pagans then he disappeared on Halloween
My dawg in London off a pill, I’m tryna look for Mr. Bean
Calf steppin’, I’ma fiend
Hyperpop, it make me lean
I had to toss the magazine
Now we on thе magazine
If I had a time machine, I’d meet with Guru as a tеam
Puffin’ enemies gettin’ more than high (More than high)
And I might stop a killin’, I feel like Mordechai
Why do they hate to moralize?
Evil inside to mortalize
But I see it in their mortal eyes
Talkin’ is cheap but I don’t wanna waste a breath, it cost way more to lie
Dance with the Devil got normalized
Fittin’ right in I got normalized
Tellin’ me to vote for the normal guy
What about all the people that are borderline
I ain’t even had no sword to fight
And everybody ’round me sorta fire
But all the money look like Coraline
I’m on a cruise, no Florida Georgia Line
Ima go wear the chain for my big brother ’cause he lettin’ it hail
Anybody else woulda been competitive, he ain’t lettin’ me fail
Shadow boxing turn to the bloody knuckles, now they tuckin’ they tails
Lost a brother, we coulda went down the wrong road but we did prevail
I had to change in heart for this, but I still connect the kit
Glock erased the narcissists
Strapped at shows in Connecticut
Everybody gon’ like something, no deficit
Fuckin’ up the crib, he ain’t go no etiquette
And I got a medal, I’m a gold medalist
I ain’t ever think that I’d be with the veterans

[Outro: DJ Premier]
I-I came up
I-I-I came up
I came up with something endless
I came up
I came up with something endless
All product, strapped ready to murder the show, yep
BLP Kosher
There it is
We came up

Endless Lyrics – BLP KOSHER


Endless is the 12th song on BLP Kosher’s second studio album, with a very interesting and unusual beat in the best way possible. The beat is produced by one of the most legendary producers in hip-hop history: Chris Martin aka DJ Premier, who has worked with the likes of Travis Scott, Nas, Biggie, Kanye, Drake, Joey Bada$$, JAY-Z, Pusha-T, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Logic, Big Pun, and X. It is also produced by Brady Watt, who was worked with Joey Bada$.

Check Out   Endless by BLP KOSHER. It Is A Brand New English Song Of BLP KOSHER. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    BLP KOSHER. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 4, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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