Expensive Gas Lyrics

Water, all that

[Verse 1]
I don’t drink but I might pour ’em one, boo Haman
I’m slidin’ through the thunderstorm just like I know the rain man
Internal Rhyme just hit my line, I asked him, “What the game plan?”
Alpy say we see right through the money, you could call it Ray-Banz
That Derringer rest right on top my scalp, but that’s illegal
Now they wanna lock in for the feat’, so I be waxing, feeble
I’m watchin’ everyone, even a hawk look like an eagle
They don’t want no smoke, expensive gas, so I’ma bring them diesel
Friday the 13th on Shabbat, so who comes after Jason?
They used to treat me like a joke, but I ain’t Jackie Mason
Bars Mitzvah, we gon’ crash the party, fuck a invitation
I dropped out, but I got knowledge, where he got his education?
Ayy, roll the opps in seaweed, they imitation crab
’Cause I don’t got no papers, I know Gary got them raps
They lied on social media, in real life they half-ass
Put the street on crime watch, steppin’ in my half cabs
Them boys salty, yeah, I think they got the gout
Like “Who that Jew boy who be rappin’? And what the fuck comin’ out his mouth?”
They know I’m strapped, something like a saddleback, they askin’ without a doubt
And I don’t know why they’re actin’ sour, but that ‘K finna make ’em crouch
Jit ass, copped deuces, wipe his nose, there’s no mucus
Two thots, if one fuck, her friend gon’ join her, yeah, Lucas
Chopper bucktooth, naked mole rat, jit Rufus (Damn, fuego, this a hit)
Tried to rob me three deep and they hurt themselves, Three Stooges
She blow me like a breathalyzer, I’m givin’ her DUI
Pump faking on your kin, them boys pumpkin, all pie
Fuck the opps, they won’t do shit themselves, they gotta P-A-Y
They like, “Dreidel, is you concrete?”
They told me, “DIY,” ayy

My shooter don’t identify, he go by they/them
If they holler smoke, I’m blowin’ up they phone like, “Where and when?” (Yeah)
My shooter don’t identify, he go by they/them
If they holler smoke, I’m blowin’ up they phone like, “Where and when?”

[Verse 2]
Climate change, bitch, it’s up, naughty by nature
Told me, “Fuck her in the ocean, call it seacock,” weird behavior
I might be your favorite rappers’ girls’ favorite rapper-skater
Glizzy came right with a snout, I told ’em, “Face the alligator”
Kosher, water
Tighten down and tee up (Ayy)
This chopper dirty, two girls one cup (Yeah)
My opps allergic to the smoke, so puff it up
Ayy, if that’s the case, I’m servin’ all them boys tree nuts (Water, tree nuts)

Expensive Gas Lyrics – BLP KOSHER

Expensive Gas

This is the 19th and final song on BLP Kosher’s second studio album, and BLP brought back the producing team behind 2000’s Baby of Jasper Harris, known for his work on songs such as “VIBEZ” by DaBaby and Gunna among many others, as wekk as Aaron Shadrow, producer of the iconic Trippie Redd & Juice WRLD song Matt Hardy 999, and legendary Lil Nas X producer Roy Lenzo. It is honestly difficult to express how perfect of a closer this is .

Check Out   Expensive Gas by BLP KOSHER. It Is A Brand New English Song Of BLP KOSHER. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    BLP KOSHER. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 4, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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