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Gently Lyrics – Drake & Bad Bunny Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On Youtube
While The Lyrics Are Written By Drake, Bad Bunny, OZ, Nik D & Gordo.The Music Track Was Released Date :October 6, 2023.

As the verses unfold, dive into a world of metrical fibber and contagious beatsCatch the full experience on YouTube, where the music vid enhances the lyrical narrative. Brace yourself for an engaging lift through the suggestive realms of Gently.

[Intro: Drake]
My G, Tití came VIP with rebaño
Baby, my wrist is from Casablanco
Me gusta su sonrisa aunque me haga daño
I live like Sopranos, Italianos
I’ve been El Chico for cincuenta años
Me gusta su culazo perreando
Le da hasta abajo, le gusta este tamaño
Dale, Papi Champaño, jeez
Ah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

[Explanation of Intro]

In the intro, Drake kicks off the song with a burst of energy, expressing excitement. He mentions someone named Tití coming to the VIP with a bath, possibly indicating they’re partying in a fancy setting. Drake talks about his wrist being Casablanco, suggesting he’s wearing expensive jewelry.Despite possible fights, he appreciates someone’s smile. He compares his lifestyle to the Sopranos, implying at a bizarro and complex life. Drake also mentions being “El Chico” for fifty years, possibly a long-time nickname. Lastly, he admires a female’s big booty and her twerking, sitting a party vibe.

[Verse 1: Drake]
Either I slow down the trip or I speed up the visa
Mi nah want leave ya
Grab Eliza, bring her to Ibiza
Introduce you to Richie Akiva
My broski Benito, he needs a bonita
A freak-ah, bien loquita
Gracie Bon, mi amor, mi amiga
Ella sabe que está bien rica

[Explanation of Verse 1]

In the first verse, Drake thinks about whether to slow down or speed up his “visa,” possibly referring to his fast-paced life or balancing career and personal life. He expresses hesitance to leave someone, maybe a romantic interest. Drake mentions introducing someone named Eliza to Richie in Ibiza, hinting at a luxurious vacation spot. He refers to his friend Benito looking for a beautiful and adventurous girl with a wild side.Drake praises the attractive qualities of a female, especially her big booty.

[Bridge: Bad Bunny & Diulka Cristina Pérez]
¿Usted se cree que yo quiero que me invierta mi dinero en la 42 donde la gente está bailando dembow?
Ey, ja, ey, ey, ey
Ay, santo, Dios mío, qué acicale
En RD están to’s mis cueros, en PR to’a las yales
Las mías se roban el show si sale
To’s quieren ser yo, pero no les sale

[Explanation of Bridge]

Bad Bunny steps in with a brief bridge, wondering if he wants someone spending money in a club called “42,” where people dance to dembow music, popular in the Dominican Republic.He admires the shiny and glamorous atmosphere, mentioning the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny asserts that his crew would steal the show if they were current, highlighting their self-confidence and charisma.

[Verse 2: Bad Bunny]
En Casa de Campo, chucky, en México ando bélico
Baby, vo’a joderte el cosmético
Trépate encima, ponme la skimask
Bajen la luz y cierren la cortina
Que no quiero video, estoy harto de la foto
Estoy harto de to’l mundo, meno’ de ese toto, de ese toto, je
Meno’ de ese toto, de ese toto, je, ey
Botella de champaña yo las descorché
Me puse bellaco cuando la escuché
Decirme “papi” adentro ‘e la Porsche
Fuck, mami, holy shit
Qué rico tú chinga’, je
Las boris me piden bicho, las cubana’ quieren pinga
“Fuck me so good”, me dice la gringa
Mami, te pasaste, ey

[Explanation of Verse 2]

In the second verse, Bad Bunny references being in Casa de Campo and Mexico, suggesting a jet-setting lifestyle. He talks about getting intimate with a woman, playfully suggesting he’ll mess up her makeup. Bad Bunny mentions turning off lights and closing curtains for privacy. He expresses disinterest in living recorded or snapped but emphasizes his draw to a woman’s booty. He talks about popping a champagne bottle and getting agitated when a woman calls him” papi.” Bad Bunny acknowledges the favor of his romantic prowess among ladies.

[Outro: Bad Bunny]
La baby tiene marido y no me dijo na’, je
Tranquila, eso no e’ na’
Doscienta’ botella y por ahí vienen má’
Por ahí vienen má’
La baby tiene marido y no me dijo na’, je
Tranquila, eso no e’ na’
Mucha’ bebecita y por ahí vienen má’
Por ahí vienen má’

[Explanation of Outro]

In the outro, Bad Bunny humorously notes that the woman he’s with has a husband who didn’t disclose his marital status. He takes it lightly, hinting a debonair posture toward similar situations. He mentions a large number of bottles, suggesting a luxurious party vibe. The outro emphasizes the presence of numerous seductive women and the prospect of further joining the jubilee.

The overall theme revolves around living in the moment, partying, and embracing a debonair posture. The verses showcase the artists’ attractive lyricism and their ability to weave engaging stories within the context of a livelyupbeat track.

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