High Charge Pt 2 Gloosito lyrics

High Charge Pt 2 Gloosito lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by Gloosito The music track was released Date October 18, 2023

Baby P, you lifted it
Hey, Baby P.
Let’s go

Big sloppy leaves drool on Amiri (Shit)
Opps are local and they move like guiri’ (Yeah)
I have nervous minors, they are spicy piri-piri
This wad is not that big, but they are all quini’ (Yes)
They are designer drugs in a designer bag (De design)
Neighborhood trophies that hang around my neck
You can see my movements, but they are not my stamp
I carry the weight of my neighborhood, I know how to walk with it, yes
Shit, we’re not the same, realize
Making your return is not the same as going out to turn around
Carrying thirty is not the same as picking up a loose one.
(Yeah, make me high, make me high)
Oxy, pill and marijuana, I’m a rich witch
I just pretend to be able to die in luxury, bitch (Yeah)
They think they have beef with me, but they don’t ring a bell
They don’t dare to play or mention the team

7 Up, Histaverin
Hey, what are you going to tell me?
Energy, always trippin’ (Always trippin’)
I’m married and I’m still pimpin’
I sweat it, I smoke exotic
It’s true, I hate it, I only smoke exotic
It’s true, I hate it, I only fuck thotties
It’s true, I hate it, hahaha

CTDS Poster
RF Poster, shit

She is a porn actress, but she works at NASA
Baking paper, but there is no oven in the house (Na’, na’)
In the periphery, I live in NASCAR, Madrid pimpin’ (Yeah-yeah)
One call and you get—, apple fritter (Yeah)
284, Ice sittin’ on glitter (On glitter)
Members, wholesalers and strippers only
I’m raving about it and the clients are convinced (Yeah-yeah)
My bills are not from the bank, they have a long way to go
Motion in the Lexus, this year I want a Trackhawk (Trackhawk)
6 am, twelve packs in my Coach bag (In my Coach bag)
Once you enter the game there is no way back (Yeah-yeah)
My detained cousin enters and leaves more than Kodak Black
I never said I was a boss until I started to be one (Yeah)

You can’t trust someone who makes him uncomfortable— (Shh)
You can’t trust someone who makes him uncomfortable— (Shh)
Free them boys
(Especially for my black DELPATIO)
Say no to shitty cream

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