Money On The Dresser Lyrics – Young Thug

Check Out Money On The Dresser Lyrics By Young Thug. It Is A Brand New English Song Of 2023. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Young Thug. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jun 23, 2023. And Present On The Youtube Channel.

Money On The Dresser Lyrics – Young Thug

Start of the Lyrics

Bitch Asked Me For Fame And I Said No
This Bitch Asked Me For Fame And I Said No
I Bought A Rose Gold Rolley For The Show
Twenty Car Keys Eney Money Mo

Money On The Dresser
Drive A Kompressor
Twenty Four Heffers
Put Em On The Tesla
Cream Soda Vanilla
Hot Box Whipper
Foreign Car Drifter
Im So Realer
Super Star Life Aint Goin Back To spinrilla
Two Thousand Now We Had The Hoes On Macerina
Ima Take A Piss On The Roof Im Iller
Hundred Thousand Dollars To The Bitch In The Middle
Big Talk Amazon I Call Em Matilda
Money Come In Nine Different Ways My Diamonds Skittles
Hong Kong She’s A Bad Lill Nigga
Aint Give No Fuck I Turned Her Mouth To A Babysitter (lets Go)
Sasashe, I Put The Model In Some Reeboks
The Shawty, I Turn Ur Maybach To A Tea Top
Baguettes, Two Carrot Pointers I Got Big Rocks
I’m The Only Big Dog Big Dog

Givenchy Girl I Bed The Curb
Dis Nigga Tellin Whats The Word
Rolls Royce’ll Help Me When I Swerve
Molly To Perolli Yeah
Bitty Bitch She Wonder What The Hell First
Blue Divinci Crip Blue On My Bitch Pearls
I Dont Need No Jolly Rancher For My Syrup
Money Callin Me And I Cant Hit No

End The Lyrics

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