Riot on the Ward Lyrics

[Verse 1]
There’s a riot on the ward – I’m leaving
Fifty animals escaped their cages
I’d be lying if I did no damage
My combustion engine hands
Your fishnet, so cavalier
My roundhead, my eyeball
But how many of us make a wave?
Rifle hard in the canopy tonight
It’s the mightiest river I have known
Squalor seep from the ghost fellatio[Verse 3]
Thought will kill you if it’s left untreated
And with that I leave the empty hangar
I’d be strung up if you spoke – their batons
Incomplete my decibel
Your district, my red light beams
So minefield, my depth charge
‘Cause I wanna live without a sound
Casting out from the mouth of tireless ink
Turn to stone for another uttered drop
Fire my synapse with syllable intent

There’s a riot on the ward, I’m leaving
And with that I leave the empty hangar

Riot on the Ward Lyrics – Everything Everything

Riot on the Ward

This song appears on the Japan-only release, “Schoolin’ EP”…

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