Socialite Lyrics

Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah

[Verse 1]
I’m always a drink away from a good day
Put on some Jodeci, gettin’ loose, ayy
I pummel the coochie, I’m Bobby Boucher
Maybe that’s why they put up with all my bullshit
And I bought a new Bentley without a roof, ayy
In LA they tell me my truck is stupid
Doin’ cul-de-sac donuts, man, I’m a nuisance
I left my Prince with the Revolutions

Get hammered all alone
But don’t feel bad for me
And my chauffeur drinks Patrón
So call a cab for me, and I’ll leave

Fuck me up, it’s only a body (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
If God exists, it shouldn’t be a problem (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah

[Verse 2]
I’m feelin’ naughty up on a Sunday
Fuck in thе backseat of a Hyundai
I’m callin’ her Shrek ‘causе she got a donkey
It’s crazy how well we get along
My new best friend I just met
Now it’s, “Fuck everybody else”
You love someone for six weekends
And never talk to them again

Call it what you want
It’s such a tragedy (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)
I pulled the shortest straw
Another casualty, guess I’ll leave (Ooh-ooh)

Fuck me up, it’s only a body (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
If God exists, it shouldn’t be a problem (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Fuck me up, it’s my birthday party (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
So tell me something we got in common (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Socialite Lyrics – Post Malone


BiographyThe song “Joy” by Post Malone expresses a conflict between the desire for joy and the struggle with internal misery and dissatisfaction. In the lyrics, Joy is personified as a cold lover who never arrives, symbolizing the elusiveness of true happiness. The protagonist, who once saw himself as the “coolest dude,” feels that he was born too close to the sun, suggesting a sense of feeling overwhelmed by his own aspirations. In the chorus, t.

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