Wait Til Fate Lyrics

Check Out  The Wait Til Fate Lyrics By Black Milk. It Is A Brand New English Song Of 2023. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Black Milk. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 11, 2023. And Present On The Youtube Channel.

The Wait Til Fate Lyrics By Black Milk

Making me waitThe money called bet not be lateAw, nah can it be fateThey told me I was made to be greatAw, nah making me wait and seeJust making me, can’t wait and seeAw, nah making me wait and seeJust making me, can’t wait and see
When the doors open, look throughHope to get a foot throughSome days pushed downOther days push throughOnly few, might’ve knownWhat it might’ve took toWe ain’t seeing eye to eyeMust’ve mean I must grewNiggas getting lives tookIn the state, outta stateGot me with a heavy heartHad to start lifting weightsGone for a while, had em sickHere’s the medicineMusic with some eleganceMelodie’s with melaninMoments of clarityCome at day, come at nightHad a moment come in sightUnder hospital lightsLooking thru the contactsShould I tell moms yetI’ma chill, strong willOn your feet, conquestFeelin’ like solider, butStill feel a phobiaNot afraid to get dirtyGot my sleeves rolling upBorrowed time, hard to findAll my n*ggas aught to shineIf we not all alignedThat’s where we draw the line
Waiting in panicWaiting for magicThe game’s turbulence on a planeI’m waiting for landingPains just like a window paneI’m waiting to shatterThey saying just let him cookI’m baking the batterTaking the tragic and turn it to treasureThis hustle is like foreverSomething you couldn’t measureBeginning was looking downSo now we looking betterBare this burden together like birds of a featherN*ggas know it’s whateverAlways felt a vendettaCarry this life your handedThe whole wait of the planetFigured out you could manageThey paint a picture sweetAll we see is the savageWant you to celebrateAll you feel is sadnessAll of it’s madness


Song Title: Wait Til Fate

Artist: Black Milk

Written by: Black Milk

Produced by: Black Milk

Released Date: July 19, 2023

Music Label: N/A

Black Milk – Everybody Good? Lyrics album Tracklist

  1. God Willing
  2. For How Much?
  3. Wait Til Fate
  4. Downs Got Up
  5. Is It Just Me?
  6. The Black Surf (Everybody Good?) ft. Quelle Chris
  7. Let Me Know ft. Brandon Myster
  8. Ain’t Nobody Coming Down to Save You
  9. Fews & Trues ft. Karriem Riggins
  10. Feelings Don’t Feel ft. Mick Jenkins
  11. No Wish ft. Raphael Saadiq, Phonte

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