West To North West Lyrics


From West to North West, how I grew up weren't the best (Boom, bah-bah)
But, I miss the days when I was young and never felt stress
Spiff TV kept me updated with the mess (Bah, bah)
I was young watchin' Fresh, Samuel Jackson playin' chess (Bah, bah)
I was nine, but I would never snitch if they hold man (Bah, bah)
That's when King Coke dropped, are you alone fam'? (Bah, bah)
Remember when listenin' to Johnny Guns was cool?
I was runnin' 'round screamin' out, "Lalala-lalala," it's cool
Remember, it was Cowboy and not C Biz?
Lookin' at the blocks behind my yard, I'm seein' in these vids
Like, these niggas look rich, I'm tryna be that when I'm grown
Then, I grew up, made millions of pounds, and owned homes
It's funny how things change (Funny how things change)
There ain't a street nigga man's age that's ever made man's wage (No, no)
This shit feel strange (Shit feels kinda strange)
When you're the bad energy, there's no point burnin' sage
I burnt weed, burnt skin, burnt clothes and burnt cars (Bap, bap, bap, bap)
Fireworks and ****, that's the heart of the **** (Bah, bah)
I'm charged, you ain't gotta push me to start
He overcharged, I'm robbin' him, this plug's gettin' sparked
My jumper was duffer, SuperDry puffer (Bah, bah)
Fuck that, I wanted Frank and Marshy for the summer
I'm a boss, now, but, once upon a time, I was a runner
I built my own line, I swear to God, that was my come-up
Shit, it just hit, there's young niggas lookin' up to me
Gotta be careful when I'm preachin' all this fuckery
Screamin', "Free my niggas," I ain't glorifyin' custody
But, I'm still young, think 'bout that before judgin' me
You ain't blamin' Warzone and you ain't blamin' GTA
But you blame drill 'cause you feel like that's the easy way
I'm gonna get there one day, I just don't know the ETA
But, when I do change, remember me for fuckin' up the game (Fuckin' up the game)

Yeah, I do wanna change
But I'll probably remember the same
Like, come on man, Digga D, that's an established name
But, I don't wanna just glorify the high life
I wanna let the young niggas know about the pain
Whether you lose someone, or you actually get hurt yourself
Always remember, it's health over wealth
And, I can tell you 'cause I've sat in like thirty different cells
And, I've got niggas that's probably in Hell
You lot gotta understand, I'm still young and learnin' on this journey
There's people out there, there life's just startin' at thirty
That's not a excuse to keep makin' mistakes, 'cause I'm a man, I put my hand up when I'm in the wrong
That's how I was raised
But I feel like I stand out 'cause you put real in a crowd full of fakes
Don't get it twisted, I'm grateful for where I am today, and I appreciate
But like man didn't ask to have people in the comments talkin' about, "You got a platform, so spread the right message"
I can only tell you about my life, and if my life revolves around weapons, that's what I'm gonna do
2023, don't worry about me, worry about you

West To North West Lyrics – Digga D

West To North West


Check Out   West To North West by Digga D. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Digga D. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Digga D. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 25, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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