Wishes by Tiny Habits

Read Wishes.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Cinya Khan, Judah Mayowa & Maya Rae.The official Music Video Has been Release Apr. 23, 2024 Day And Pre On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Wishes by Tiny Habits is a song that explores feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, and the longing for deeper connection. The singers express a series of wishes that reveal their vulnerabilities and desires for a more fulfilling life.

Wishes by Tiny Habits
Wishes by Tiny Habits

[Verse 1: Cinya Khan]
I wish I was a reader, and I wish I was
The kind of daughter that calls her mom
With stupid questions or anything at all
And I wish that I was smaller, or I wish I was
Better at being kind to the one body that I’ve got
After all, it keeps me breathin’ ’til the day it just cannot

Explanation of Verse 1
She wishes for a closer relationship with her mother, someone she can confide in with “stupid questions or anything at all.” She also expresses a desire for self-compassion, wishing to be “better at being kind” to her own body.

[Verse 2:]
I wish I didn’t linger on every thought
Reshapin’ every moment to the point of losin’ touch
Wish I was in my body ‘stead of hoverin’ above (Ooh-ooh, ooh)
And I wish that I was harder, and I wish I was
Less of a feeler so it wouldn’t hurt so much
But I offer all my pillows and I give my bed to lay
I’m a shoulder for a cry until the tears melt me away

Explanation of Verse 2
Here, the focus is on overthinking and disconnection from the present moment. Maya wishes she wasn’t “hoverin’ above” her own experiences and could be more grounded “in my body.” She also desires a stronger emotional resilience, wishing to be “harder” and less easily hurt. However, despite her own struggles, she offers empathy and support to others, being “a shoulder for a cry.”

[Verse 3: Judah Mayowa]
I wish that I was smarter, and I wish I could
Communicate a thought without being misunderstood
But it’s better keeping quiet, yeah, it’s easy staying put
And I wish I didn’t cater when I know I should
Stop beggin’ for forgiveness and start puttin’ down my foot
I’m just used to people-pleasin’, yeah, I’ve gotten way too good
I think I’ve become the person that I said I never would

Explanation of Verse 3
This verse explores themes of communication and self-expression. Judah wishes he could communicate clearly and avoid misunderstandings. He feels pressure to conform and “cater” to others, even when it means sacrificing his own needs. He longs to be more assertive and stop “beggin’ for forgiveness.” Judah fears becoming the kind of person he “said I never would,” someone who prioritizes pleasing others over his own authenticity.

I wish I didn’t feel like a burden
All the time
Wish I was certain
I wanna live this kind of life

Explanation of Chorus
The central theme of the song is captured in the chorus. Each singer expresses the feeling of being a burden “all the time.” They yearn for a sense of certainty and the ability to confidently embrace life on their own terms: “I wanna live this kind of life.”

I wish I didn’t (I wish I didn’t) feel like a burden
Ah, oh-oh
I wish I wasn’t (I wish I wasn’t) so scared of something
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh
I wish these wishes weren’t all for nothing
All the time

Explanation of Outro
The song concludes with a more desperate plea. They all repeat their wish not to feel like a burden and express a fear of the unknown: “I wish I wasn’t so scared of something.” The final line, “I wish these wishes weren’t all for nothing,” leaves a sense of uncertainty about whether their desires will ever be fulfilled.
Wishes is a relatable song for anyone who has ever struggled with self-doubt, the need for approval, and the desire for deeper connections. While the song doesn’t offer easy answers, it provides a powerful expression of these common human experiences.


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