WYM Freestyle lyrics

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Fuck this beat
Yeah, fuck it, mm, wait, uh (Fuck it)
Fuck it, mm, wait, uh (Fuck it)
Fuck it, mm, wait, uh (Fuck it)
Fuck this beat, mm, wait (Ah-ah)
Fuck it, mm, wait (Mm)
Fuck it, uh, wait, mm (Yeah)
Fuck it, ah
Fuck this beat (Fuck this beat)
Fuck this beat (Fuck this beat)
Fuck them drugs, fuck the club, fuck a speech (Fuck a speech)
Fuck up all them other albums on repeat (Fuck ’em, fuck ’em)
Fuck what y’all been sayin’, I “ain’t for the streets” (Okay)
What you mean? (Yeah) What you mean? (What you mean?)
What you really talkin’ ’bout? I know you sneak (Know you sneak)
I was wakin’ all these hoes up in my sleep (In my sleep)
I was cakin’ while these hoes could barely eat (Eat)
Ain’t no beef (Eat), ain’t no sides (Sides)
Ain’t no competition when they hear me slide (Slide, slidе)
I’m a sell out all my seats to see me livе (Live, live)
Was a sellout ’til I notice I got drive
Bitch, I get my life and it’s giving (Yeah, it’s giving)
Got a lifelong career, you make a living (Make a living)
I got a overflow of trophies, you ain’t winning (You ain’t winnin’, bitch)
Got my body done, but look who’s really sittin’ now
Bitch, you must be kidding (Must be kidding)
Please be kidding (Please be kidding)
Got a overflow of growth, y’all bitches thinning (Ah, ah)
Always knew I was gon’ change from the beginning (Yeah, yeah)
Always knew them claims was cap ’cause y’all be sinnin’, ah, ah
I been washin’ all you bitches, I be shitting, ah, ah
I been buyin’ all these clothes that’s in the fittings, ah, ah
Too much jewelry I take off when I be spitting, ah, ah
Hear that? Is you forgetting? Ah, ah
Bitch, fuck this beat (Stupid bitch)
Fuck this beat (Step on my toes)
Bitch (My toes)
Fuck this beat (Step on his feet, yeah)
Fuck it
Ay-yi, ay-yi-yi
Ay-yi, ay-yi-yi
Haha, haha, ayy, yeah

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