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BBL Love Interlude Lyrics – Drake Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On Youtube
While The Lyrics Are Written By Drake, Teezo Touchdown & Kid Masterpiece.The Music Track Was Released Date :October 6, 2023.

BBL Love Interlude, released on October 6, 2023, is a captivating interlude by Drake, featuring contributions from Teezo Touchdown and Kid Masterpiece. The lyric opens with an violent spoken intro by Sade Adu, sitting the stand for Drake’s study of lovesameness.

[Intro: Sade Adu]
Oh, yeah!

[Verse 1: Drake]
Bust that pussy open for a real one
She call me her baby like I’m still one
They say love’s like a BBL
You won’t know if it’s real until you feel one
Can I feel it? Can I feel it?
Can I feel it? Can I feel one?
Can I feel it? Can I feel it?
Can I feel?

[Explanation of Verse 1]

Drake opens with a bold and explicit expression, urging a partner to embrace their sensuality for a “real one.” The comparison of love to a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) suggests a theme of transformation and authenticity. The uncertainty of real love is highlighted, emphasizing that one can only discern its authenticity through experience. The dinned call of” Can I sense it?” introduces an member of weaknessasking listeners to eye the touchable sides of affection.

[Verse 2: Drake]
Sometimes, I think to myself
“What if I was somebody else?”
Would your ass still be here?
What if I had a CDL leaving outta STL
On the way to ATL in a big eighteen-wheel
Would your ass still be here?
Would your ass still be here?
Would you love Ed like you love Drake?
Love Fred like you love Drake?
Love Greg like you love Drake?
Love Ced like you love Drake?
Thought you said that you love Drake?
Thought you said that you love Drake?
Thought you said, ayy
Your man brought you to the Drake show
Front row and paid all cash
Dressed up to the nines
Girls showing all titties, showing all ass
Looking at me like you’re single
Looking like you got a hall pass
Better take your ass home tonight
And love that man like you say you love Drake

[Explanation of Verse 2]

The second verse unveils Drake’s contemplation on alternate realities. He wonders about the continuity of a relationship if he were someone else or had taken a different path.Drake then shifts the narrative, questioning if the love received is genuine or merely based on his celebrity status. The verse cleverly incorporates names, playing on the idea of whether the love would remain if he were someone else. The imagery of a Drake concert and the suggestion to go home and love a partner mirror the contrast between fantasy and reality.

[Verse 3: Drake]
I’m a well-known player, I’m a well-known trick
I’m as well as well-known gets with a long list
Of some ho-ho-hoes still waiting on a gift
Guess them ho-ho-hoes still believe in Saint Nick, yeah
I’m a Saint, alright? I’ll Franklin Saint a bitch
I don’t know what you thought this was, baby girl
But that ain’t this
I don’t know who said you a slick
Now my uncle, that boy slick
I don’t know who said you was thick
Now see ****, that girl thick
Nah, I ain’t name dropping, I’m just game dropping
I’m just plane hopping
Hopping out and hopping in
You gone have to run that top again
These boys praying I don’t drop again

[Explanation of Verse 03]

In the third verse, Drake embraces his reputation as a player while acknowledging the expectations associated with his fame. He humorously references the holiday figure Saint Nick, portraying himself as a different kind of “Saint.” The verse playfully dismisses any illusions of exclusivity, contrasting the reality of his lifestyle with the romanticized image some may have.Drake cleverly name-drops in a tongue-in-cheek manner, distinguishing between those who are truly thick and those who may have misjudged their appeal.The lyric is described by wordplay, comedy, and a artful clay– attention that adds layers to the story.

[Outro: Sade Adu]
This is Sade Adu
And you’re listening to BARK Radio

Explanation of Outro:

The outro features Sade Adu, lending her iconic voice to announce the conclusion of the interlude. The mention of “BARK Radio” adds a fictional touch, enhancing the thematic cohesion of the song. The outro serves as a stylistic element, blending sensuality, and humor while transitioning out of the introspective themes explored in the verses.

In summary, “BBL Love (Interlude)” is a multifaceted exploration of love, identity, and fame, presented through Drake’s signature lyrical prowess. The song navigates between explicit sensuality, introspective musings, and playful humor, creating a rich and engaging listening experience.

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