Calm It Down Lyrics

Right there, yeah, g-grab that one
Yeah, grab that one
Yeah, the one with the button on it
(Tony, it’s too loud)
Give me that one too, give me that one too
Yeah, yeah
On Zay, uh, uh

If I was you, nigga, I wouldn’t fuck with Macc Fatt, he just cleared the wall in the pawn shop
Huh, police-ass nigga tryna link with my killers, Sosa been still knockin’ off your top
Yeah, nigga, this city so goddamn little, you can run, I’ma still get the drop
Yeah, just bought a chopper the size of a Glock, now it’s easy to aim for the top
A nigga already caught me slippin’, I’ma shoot a lil’ fast, I ain’t just talkin’ out my mouth
I really got racks and rank in this city, nigga, my grandma can vouch
I got like four millionaires tryna sign me, but I’m still posted at the crack house
Thirty-seven thousand on my goddamn neck, when I see ’em, on Zay, I’ma still gun ’em down
Wish I could tell Billy, “We ain’t linkin’ with no pussies, this shit on the floor when you get out”
On lil’ Zay, I could’ve been changed me and and my hood life, but I ain’t even wanna take the hundred thousand
Nigga, I’m on the side of my grandma house, .223 with a hundred rounds
I heard some more niggas want smoke with them Foxes, went and bought some more hundred rounds
Nigga, I been on the road so much, if the smoke get heavy, I ain’t goin’ out of town
Yeah, I know the gang unit got this shit on repeat, so I’m calming it down
Shh, nigga, yeah, calming it down
These niggas know we the deepest in the city, but wait ’til them members on the town
Yeah, I got some niggas still tryna slide for Zay, but I’m calming ’em down
Pussy, we ain’t even linkin’ up with new niggas in this shit, it ain’t shit with you clowns
Nigga, I ain’t gon’ lie, ain’t nobody going in this town
My nigga just called, like, “Fatt, I can’t slide ’cause bitch, I’m on the stove right now”
Pussy, I know he ain’t lying, he stay ready to gun somethin’ down
He say when he done cookin’ that shit, he gon’ get in J’s car, then beat up the town
Nigga, we the reason why the pawn shop runnin’ out of K’s, Foxes cleaning shit out
I ain’t gotta lie ’bout none with this chop shit, nigga, bitch, we still see droughts
Unc’ say the narcotics finna hit the spot, so we took the ‘bows from under grandma couch
If you think I’m lyin’ in any of these songs, on Zay, come figure me out
My young nigga didn’t pick the phone up for me, so I guess he hangin’ out the window right now
Nigga, you know what come with playin’ with them Foxes— hrr, air your shit out
Nigga, the feds gon’ come if they know I got that— hrr, on the back of my strap
Every time them pussies hit the ‘net, nigga, we buyin’ new straps

Nigga, nigga, we buyin’ new straps
Pussy, nigga, buyin’ new straps
Yeah, nigga, pull up and air your shit out
I ain’t even gotta call my young niggas, they pull up and air your shit out

Calm It Down Lyrics – YTB Fatt

Calm It Down

Ben Mari

Check Out   Calm It Down by YTB Fatt. It Is A Brand New English Song Of YTB Fatt. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    YTB Fatt. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Apr 27, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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