Don KBRN Freestyle Lyrics by Eladio Carrión

Readn Don KBRN Freestyle Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Eladio Carrión. It Official Music Video Has been Release May. 1, 2024 Day And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

The song opens with a playful question directed to Ela, possibly a romantic partner or a friend. The rapper asks why Ela always limps when they walk, suggesting a sense of curiosity and lighthearted banter.
Don KBRN Freestyle Lyrics by Eladio Carrión
Don KBRN Freestyle Lyrics by Eladio Carrión

Ela, why do you always limp when you walk? (No)
When he walks (No), when he walks
30 thousand in my Amiri, I’m smoking Cookie, no, not macadamia
Yes, I have stamina
If he doesn’t talk money, we’re not on the same page (No )
Don’t waste your saliva (No), don’t waste your saliva (No)
I’m with my bros smoking a blu

Explanation of Chorus

The chorus establishes the rapper’s confidence and self-assurance. He boasts about his expensive taste, wearing $30,000 Amiri sneakers and smoking high-quality Cookie strain marijuana, not macadamia. He emphasizes his stamina and resilience, suggesting that he can endure challenges and setbacks. He makes it clear that he is only interested in conversations about money, indicating his focus on material wealth and success. He warns against wasting time on meaningless talk, emphasizing his efficiency and directness. The chorus ends with the rapper enjoying a blunt with his friends, showcasing his laid-back and relaxed demeanor.

One verse of mine is like ten jobs’ (Work’)
Fuck’ with me, the one who brought you took you (Took you)
Always ready, I have a good lawyer (They are real G)
Laughing on the way to the bank, how relaxing (Hahaha)
My first job, we start from the bottom (My first job)
I knew I was a toad since I was a tadpole (I knew it)
So bastard that sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in (No, no, no)
They pissed me off, I threw the ball at them for the hell of it (I threw them away), yeah

Explanation of Verse 

The verse delves into the rapper’s lyrical prowess, claiming that a single verse from him is equivalent to ten men’s work. He warns against crossing him, suggesting that his associates will retaliate. He portrays himself as always prepared, having reliable lawyers on his side. He recounts a moment of lightheartedness, laughing on his way to the bank, emphasizing his financial success and carefree attitude.He reflects on his humble beginnings, acknowledging that he started from the bottom and worked his way up. He shows his sharp instincts, claiming that he could identify a “sapo” (a deceitful or untrustworthy person) even in their early stages. Despite his success, he admits to feeling like an outsider at times, suggesting a sense of alienation or disconnect. He recalls a situation where he was being picked on and retaliated by throwing the ball away, demonstrating his assertiveness and unwillingness to be taken advantage of.

Sometimes I don’t even give a shit because I know that God is going to take care of me (Lie)
I don’t know why they are filled with hate, when the only thing I’m looking for is to progress (I don’t know why)
And when did I change these combis china’ for this caviar risotto? (And how come you too?)
Karma exists, good or bad, whatever, that shit is going to turn (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Explanation of Puente

The bridge introduces a moment of introspection and self-awareness. The rapper admits that he doesn’t always carry a gun, believing that God will protect him. He expresses confusion about the animosity he faces, claiming that his only goal is to progress and improve his life. He questions how he transitioned from riding in Chinese vans to enjoying expensive caviar risotto, suggesting a dramatic shift in his lifestyle. He acknowledges the existence of karma, both good and bad, and believes that everything will eventually come full circle.

One verse of mine is like a job’
My first job, we start from the bottom

Explanation of Outro

The outro reiterates the rapper’s lyrical prowess, claiming that a single verse from him is worth ten men’s work. He emphasizes his humble beginnings, reminding listeners that he started from the bottom.

Don KBRN Freestyl is a self-assured and braggadocious track that showcases Eladio Carrión’s confidence, success, and lyrical skills. The song is filled with vivid imagery and clever wordplay, painting a picture of the rapper as a self-made man who has achieved significant wealth and status.

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