Heavyweight Lyrics by Eladio Carrión

Read Heavyweight Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Eladio Carrión. It Official Music Video Has been Release May. 2, 2024 Day And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Heavyweight Lyrics by Eladio Carrión
Heavyweight Lyrics by Eladio Carrión



Explanation of Intro
Heavyweight by Eladio Carrión is a braggadocious track that showcases the rapper’s wealth, lifestyle, and connections. He raps about his expensive taste, his access to illicit substances, and his ability to attract women. The song is set to a hard-hitting trap beat and features a catchy chorus that references heavyweight boxing champions Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko.

‘Tamo fumando heavyweight, Tyson Fury, Klitschko (Ey; heavy)
00791 es el ZIP code (Ah)
“Ela, ¿cómo tú lo hace’?”, ¿qué tal si te explico? (Damn)
Grabo y yo me siento en GTA con to’ los cheat code’ (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Tengo Za en el Ziploc (Ziploc)
Glo-c-k en el strip club (Pew, pew)
No sé na’ si llegan los polis, shh-shh

Explanation of Coro
Si llegan los polis, The chorus boasts about the rapper’s dominance (“heavyweight”), comparing himself to boxing champions. He reveals his zip code for a touch of personality and taunts someone with his unexplained success. The rapper feels unstoppable in the recording studio, like having unlimited power in a video game. He flaunts wealth with expensive marijuana and hints at a dangerous lifestyle with guns in strip clubs. Despite the bravado, there’s a flicker of caution as he worries about getting caught by police.shh-shh-shh

[Verso 1]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hice como cincuenta mientra’ napeé, yeah, yeah
Siempre estoy dripeando de cabeza a los pie’, yeah (Drip)
Siempre estoy dripeando, mira el piso cómo goteé, yeah (¡Mula!)
X7 pa’ mi baby mama, ella e’ un die’, yeah
Nadie como yo, no, mama ain’t raise no hoe, no (No)
Se durmieron con el nene, yo les dije que dejaran las clono (Jajaja)
No tengo corazón, no
Sí, baqueé mi ropa, ya tiene corazone’ en cromo (¡Prra!)

Explanation Verse 1

The rapper flexes his financial status, claiming to have made a significant amount of money while napping.He emphasizes his stylish appearance, stating that he is always “dripping” from head to toe.He boasts about his expensive gifts for his baby mama, calling her a “10” out of 10.He asserts his independence and self-reliance, claiming that he was raised to be a strong and independent individual.He playfully taunts his baby mama’s family, suggesting that they should stop using his money and start taking care of themselves.He metaphorically compares his lack of emotion to a heart made of chrome, implying his toughness and resilience.


‘Ta-‘Ta-‘Ta-‘Tamo—’Ta-‘Ta-‘Ta-‘Tamo fumando heavyweight, Tyson Fury, Klitschko (Klitschko)
00791 es el ZIP code (ZIP code)
“Ela, ¿cómo tú lo hace’?”, ¿qué tal si te explico? (¿Cómo, cómo, cómo?)
Grabo y yo me siento en GTA con to’ los cheat code’ (Damn)
Tengo Za en el Ziploc (ZaZa)
Glo-c-k en el strip club (Prr)
No sé na’ si llegan los polis, shh-shh
Si llegan los polis, shh-shh-shh (Yeah)

Explanatio of Coro

The chorus repeats the phrase “Heavyweight,” referencing the song’s title and symbolizing the rapper’s dominance and power.The rapper compares himself to boxing champions Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko, suggesting that he is a heavyweight in his own right.He reveals his ZIP code, 00791, adding a touch of personal detail to the song.He poses a rhetorical question, “Ela, ¿cómo tú lo hace?”, implying that his success and lifestyle are beyond comprehension for others.He describes his recording process, comparing it to playing a video game with cheat codes, suggesting that he has an unfair advantage.He references Zaza, az type of marijuana, and a Glock pistol, hinting at his involvement in illicit activities.He expresses his cautiousness about the presence of police, indicating his awareness of the potential consequences of his actions.

[Verso 2]
Gracia’ a mi cone que bajó de Carolina (Gracia’)
Me trajo ese yankee, ‘toy fumando gasolina (Jajaja)
$1.200 en humo cuando estoy en la cabina
Ella vive en Miami, pero el culo es de Los Mina (Ah, ah, ah)
Ey, ZaZa en cada pulmón, par de blues, no cordon
El chef, nigga, no Gordon; Casa ‘e Campo filotea’o de Malbon
Más barra’ que en el salón, siempre fresh como un Bad Bun
Llego sin reserva a Carbone, “Te sentamo’ ahora, señor Carrión”

Explanation Verse 2

The rapper thanks his “cone,” a slang term for a girlfriend or female companion, for bringing him high-quality marijuana from Carolina.He describes smoking the marijuana and feeling its effects.He reveals that his girlfriend lives in Miami but is originally from Los Mina, a neighborhood in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.He continues to brag about his wealth, claiming to smoke expensive cigars and drink high-end liquor.He compares himself to a chef, suggesting that he has a refined taste and is skilled in handling expensive ingredients.He references Casa de Campo, a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic, and Malboro cigarettes, further emphasizing his luxurious lifestyle.He boasts about his ability to get into exclusive restaurants without a reservation, demonstrating his status and influence.


Heavyweight is a self-aggrandizing anthem that celebrates Eladio Carrión’s success and lifestyle. The song is filled with braggadocious lyrics and references to expensive brands and exclusive experiences, painting a picture of the rapper as a wealthy and powerful individual. The hard-hitting beat and catchy chorus make the song infectious and memorable, further solidifying its position as a standout track in Eladio Carrión’s discography.

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