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These lyrics express a sense of longing and appreciation for a special connection. The speaker talks about coming home and feeling both tired and alive, indicating the rejuvenating effect of this connection. They reflect on how they sometimes forget to nurture it, leading to a sense of disconnection and waiting (“I’ve been put on hold again”). The lyrics convey a desire to maintain and cherish this connection, with the speaker feeling grateful for being a part of it and expressing their thanks for the opportunity to share in something meaningful.
Come home
And I wash my face
Feel dead but I feel awake
These lines depict a paradoxical feeling. The speaker comes home and washes their face, which is a common act of refreshing oneself. However, despite feeling physically exhausted (“Feel dead”), they paradoxically experience a sense of mental or emotional awakening (“but I feel awake”). It suggests that there might be something in their life or a particular experience that invigorates them, even when they’re physically tired, highlighting the power of that source of inspiration or connection.
Lights out and the day is gone
Help me, what was I thinking all day?
These lines convey a sense of disorientation and reflection. When the day ends and the lights go out, the speaker realizes that they’ve lost track of their thoughts and actions throughout the day. They feel a need for assistance or clarity in understanding what they were preoccupied with during that time. It reflects a common experience of feeling overwhelmed or distracted, especially at the end of a busy day, when one might struggle to recall what they were focused on or why certain thoughts occupied their mind.

The complete lyrics

Come home
And I wash my face
Feel dead but I feel awakeLights out and the day is gone
Help me, what was I thinking all day?

Please reconnect me to your line
I’ve been put on hold again
Sometimes I forget to call you
Maybe leave you voicemails

It’ll be nice to have you call me back
I need this – connection
With you
And I forget about this connection
And I’m sorry because I swore to myself that
I’ll never forget this thing we have between us
And it’s the end of the day and i just remembered
I forgot to thank you for letting me be a part of this
This everything
Thank you

Pick Up The Phone Lyrics – Subsonic Eye

Pick Up The Phone


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